January 22, 2018

10 Leadership Lessons for a Connected Life

Tawan Perry - Leadership Lessons - Connect-5

In many ways, your college journey is only the first of many step that can lead you to a long and prosperous life. Check these 10 real-world lessons for leadership and for life. They are intended to get you focused on your real goals and deal with the rapid-fire changes that college is throwing at you. Stop drowning in the details for a minute, breathe, settle down and take a minute to connect, or reconnect with some things that will keep your feet on the ground.

  • Lesson 1: Lead an inspired life.Did you hear that? Let me repeat it. “Lead an Inspired Life!” Whatever your calling, find it and embrace it with passion. Life can be pretty lackluster if you always look to others to inspire you.
  • Lesson 2: If you are going through hell, don’t stop to take pictures. Keep moving forward. Keep your focus and stay engaged. Remember, this too shall pass!
  • Lesson 3: Pay attention to your intuition. Sometimes it’s your ‘gut feeling’ that trumps your best thinking and logic and you’ll just have to trust it. Besides, it’s the only ‘tuition’ that you’ll never have to pay cash for!
  • Lesson 4: When you lock the keys inside your car, just ask for help. If you think about it long enough, that’s a lesson that applies across life. There are times in life when a cry for help is obviously in order. Suck it up and ask somebody… unless you just like ‘bustin’ the windows out your car!’
  • Lesson 5: In order to discover new places you have to leave old places. How else will you get there unless you just go? No matter how comfortable your rut, you’re still stuck in it.
  • Lesson 6: Each day, try to find what’s right with the world. Don’t expect someone else to tell you. Nope, not even FOX news. Many times in life you’re gonna have to find the silver lining for yourself, so might as well start now.
  • Lesson 7: As a leader, set progressive goals. Connect short-term goals with your long-term goals in as many areas of your life as you can by starting with what’s right in front of you. For example… is eating that candy bar really going to help your diet? ….Really?
  • Lesson 8: Help others and good things will happen.You can do this by getting and staying connected with your campus resources and student organizations. They’ll get you involved in community services projects, projects to support your fellow students and other activities to satisfy the servant leader in all of us. This also applies if you hit the lottery!
  • Lesson 9: Embrace change. No, not the kind that jingles (go for the folding kind!), but the kind that happens everyday. Since it is inevitable, might as well go with the flow, manage your reactions and come out of the other end no worse for the wear.
  • Lesson 10: Leave your past behind. Learn from it, but don’t marry it. If you’re already married to it, get a divorce! Your experiences should be a teacher, not a ball and chain!

Connect-5 College Completion ProgramMaking it through college is a step-by-step, day-by-day, year-by-year challenge, but one you can be well up to if you stay connected. If I did it, you can! Keep the big picture in mind – and don’t sweat too much of the small stuff!

Get Connected. Stay Connected. Graduate.

About the Author: Tawan Perry (24 Posts)

Tawan Perry is the creator of the comprehensive Connect-5 College Completion Program. As a college speaker and as both a former student leader and college administrator, Tawan uses the Connect-5 College Completion program to help guide students step by step from college prep to cap and gown.


  1. I agree with Dave: Great ideas to apply to every area of our lives including the one he added. You probably could do entire posts on each lesson especially the one about embracing change! I realized a few years ago that my resistance to some things was because I don’t like change. Especially if it’s unexpected. I guess I’m a creature of habit, but I have to evolve to be able to move forward. Again, great post!

  2. Tawan-

    Good ideas all in one place! And well said. the ability to put things succinctly in ways that people can connect to them is a true gift. This blog shows you have it! I hope others follow these and, if I may, add one thought to approaching life “Integrity is not negotiable” (who sez that? I sez that!). If we always remain true to ourselves and looking for the integrity in every situation, then we should find ourselves where we want to be. Keep up the great work!

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