January 18, 2018

10 Online Resources To Help Prepare For Final Exams

The very aim of going to school for every student is to study and pass the exams, this said, exam time can be the most stressing period for any student. However, the level of stress is depend upon how well or not they are prepared. Studying for exams in advance gives the student confidence as the exam time approaches. In actual fact the importance of being well prepared in advance cannot be over emphasized. Sometimes it becomes tough for a student to find reading material that has relevant content to assist them in passing exams. This article therefore gives an insight to some of the recommended online sources to aid in exam preparation.

Study Guides and Strategies

Ever since it was launched in 1996, the online platform has been providing students with study guides and strategies aimed at helping them prepare for their examinations. As of 2011, this educational service had over 10.4 million visitors. The best part about the service is that they allow individuals to freely copy, adapt and freely distribute specific study guides in print form provided that it is done for none commercial purposes and it benefits the learner.


An online platform that offers free online practice exams to students around the world. The platform is dedicated to serving both the test market and the education so as to guarantee students success in their upcoming exams. Some of the exams you can take here include: GED, SAT, ACT, TOEFL and ASVAB (AFQT).

ACCA Blog – Students

This online resource is an archive for exam preparation that will provide you with essential tips. The blog site has a number of articles which address the issue about exam preparation. You can visit the blog anytime to learn a few things about the subject matter.

Write My Essay

This website boasts of having a very professional team of tutors and writers who are both experienced and skilled at what they do. They run an educational blog about issues related to helping students prepare for their examinations. In addition to this, they also offer students essay samples and meaningful tips and infographics that can help the students with their studies.


A website that is dedicated to helping students study together. With over 1.3 million students and teachers using the service, the platform opens you up to a whole new study level. The way the site is designed is that it will get you to start studying smarter which is advantageous to you. Within the website, you can find over 183,000 useful learning resources which you can take advantage of to help you prepare for your finals.


The website provides students with an easier learning experience which is also free and unique. As a student, you’ll find all the tools you deem necessary to achieve success. The study portal is equipped with all the essential study tips, sample resources and tools that are designed to give you that extra edge over the other students. As for teachers, there is also something for them. The platform also helps the teachers to discover how the different learning tools can be used in a classroom scenario to help them improve engagement in the classroom.


The service offers middle and high school students with free opportunities to writing, checking grammar and the vocabulary of the students. Quill offers services such as: Quill Proofreading, Quill Grammar, Quill Writer, and Sentence Shuffle among others. By doing this, the service ensures that the students are well prepared come the examination day.


The online platform is known for offering one of the largest and fastest growing library of online study materials. The library contains over 350 million user generated digital notecards which mostly covers topics ranging from Algebra to Zoology. Rest assure that a visit to the website will lead you to something useful that can help you succeed with your exam.


Once you sign up to the site, you immediately gain access to videos lessons, study tools, course and guides which can help you to prepare for your finals. The videos found on the website are normally short and fun to watch but full of lessons. Through the videos you’ll receive lessons from some of the world’s best teachers which therefore guarantees you success in your exams. There are over 10,000 lessons available for almost any subject. The fact that the lessons are more engaging courtesy of the video summaries of some of the most complex textbook materials makes learning effective.

P-16 Education Resource

The web page contains valuable information relating to the different practice exams and study materials that you can use to prepare for your finals. On the page, ensure that you’ve sampled the resources that you find for your exam.

Exams are inevitable.  As long as you are studying, you need to keep that in your mind. Since we are aware of this, it is therefore important to always prepare ourselves. Education is normally expensive but at the same time a worthy investment. And since we are normally judged by how we perform in our final exams, do not squander that opportunity by failing to study for your finals.    

Julie Petersen is a tutor and a guest blogger, who features the latest career and educational trends in her articles. At present time she is working on her first ebook dedicated to online learning. You may see Julie’s latest publications and contact her via Linkedin or Google+ page.”


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