January 18, 2018

12 Things To Know About College

12 Things To Know About College - photo copyright Nikki Morse

College can be a scary experience for anyone entering the campus for the first time.  Whether you’re attending a simple community college up the street or a university thousands of miles away, most students have no idea what they are doing once they park their car, head to class and listen to a lecture for the first time.

To help ease the transitioning process, here are 12 things that students wish people told them about the college life —

#1 Academic Standards

Most of your colleges with no academic standards are a waste of time.  These schools are going to leave you with thousands of dollars in debt and won’t do much in the workforce.   Since these schools aren’t recognized by national organizations, it’s best to skip them.

#2 Job Search Early

Sadly, many students make the mistake of searching for a job when they receive their degree.  By going this route, it’s going to lead to frustration and a lot of anger.  Instead of waiting until you receive your degree, consider searching for a job six months ahead of time.  As long as you’re in your last semester, many companies are willing to consider you.

#3 Classes

In order to get your degree, you already probably know that you’ll need certain classes in order to graduate.  Before you even sign up for a class, make sure that it’s absolutely necessary to take it.  If you’re confused about which route to take, consider talking with a counselor.  Taking the wrong class will cause you to lose money, waste your time and cause a lot of headaches.

#4 Internships

If you’re in college, you’re able to get an internship.  Employers love internships, and guess what?  Many of these often lead to a full-time job opportunity.

#5 Textbooks

It’s no secret that textbooks are a giant rip off.  Before you buy a textbook, always check for a slightly used version or even consider your library.

#6 Be Healthy

Many students make the mistake of eating a poor diet.  Well, this sort of diet can lead to less energy, a poor sleep schedule and a high risk of potential diseases.  If you want to remain mentally sharp in college, it’s highly imperative that you stick to a healthy diet.

#7 Network

College is a fantastic way to take advantage of various clubs to make friends.  Take this opportunity to network and you never know — it may lead to something in the future.  If anything, it may create a long-lasting, friendly relationship.

#8 High Grades = Work Hard

If you’re noticing that students around you are dominating their class with nothing but A’s, there’s a good chance they are working their butts off at home.  Most of the time, most students are created equal; the only difference is the work ethic.

#9 Take Advantage of Professors

No, your professors aren’t out to get you.  If you’re struggling with a class or simply have a question, don’t be afraid to set up an appointment with a professor after class.  A good professor will be more than happy to help you with your questions and homework.

#10 Go to Class

This may sound obvious, but sadly, so many students skip because “they want to.”  Don’t make this mistake.  Every class, no matter how boring it may seem, is going to help you along the way.  Don’t be lazy!

#11 High School is Over

The past is the past, so it’s best to keep it that way.  The students around you won’t care about your honor roll grades, relationships or how well you did on the football team.  These students are paying top dollar to advance into a future career.

#12 Have Fun

In the end, have some fun with college.  While the journey may seem rough, it will be worth it in the end.  Take this time to make friends, do good on your homework and learn as much as you can.  By doing so, you can look back and thank yourself for being a role model student.

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