January 22, 2018

21 ways to relax, balance stress and be authentic during college

Felicia Harlow - 21 ways to relax in college

My passion is for your personal growth – from the inside out – and helping you live a life of infinite possibilities. As a college student, now is the time to begin aligning with your purpose, understanding your intentions, taking inspired action and living a life of harmony. By doing so now, you’ll develop lifelong skills for processing your experiences, resolving inner conflict, and understanding your personal thoughts and beliefs – particularly about yourself!

To begin on your journey to personal growth and blaze a path towards clarity, resolve, and purpose here’s a list of relaxing habits to incorporate into your college – and lifetime – routine.

  1. Tell yourself the truth
  2. Take walks in nature
  3. Get massages and other spa treatments regularly
  4. Stop judging yourself
  5. Breathe deeply
  6. Meditate
  7. Drink chamomile tea
  8. Do something fun
  9. Take a bath with lavender essential oil
  10. Think positive
  11. Talk problems over with a trusted friend or coach
  12. Do muscle tension relaxation exercises; check in with your body’s messages
  13. Prepare for tests early
  14. Forgive yourself and others
  15. Schedule time for relaxation
  16. Stay away from the ‘haters’
  17. Slow down
  18. Take one thing at a time
  19. Keep a gratitude journal
  20. Practice ‘mindful awareness’ in your everyday activities
  21. Trust your gut

Any time you take the time out to relax, balance and be authentic is time well spent. Stress, imbalance and be inauthentic is a sure formula for unhappiness. You may not be able to do all of these things, but, believe me, every one counts!

Are there other ways you’ve found to relax and be authentic? Let me know in the comments below.

Self-Care – Taking care of yourself in ways that empower you…
+ Self-Empowerment – Making responsible choices and still having fun…
+ Self-Knowledge – Being yourself, not what others want you to be…
+ Self Direction – Allowing your heart to guide you…
= GROWTH in MOTION!!™ – Your Fully-Realized Self




Introduction to Mindful Breathing by Felicia Harlow

Stop and do mindful breathing any time to relieve the stress and pressures of college.
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About the Author: Felicia Harlow (43 Posts)

Felicia Harlow, the Heart Ecologist, Life Coach, & College Speaker, teaches women and students how to empower themselves through self care, heart awareness, and self direction. She encourages students to embrace her 4 step Growth in Motion Process™, starting with the Growth in Motion Oath™ and applying it by living a Growth in Motion lifestyle! Felicia is available to speak at campus events year round to help BRING BALANCE TO YOUR STUDENTS LIVES.


  1. Hey Felicia,

    Nice article for collage students. I’d like to feature a link to it in our wellness magazine, http://wellnesscoachingonline.com/ . If it’s, feel free to e-mail me with the address in this comment above.

    Justin Kunst

  2. Dear Stress Side Effects,

    Thank you for sharing your comment about religion as a great stress balancer! It has a wonderful way of guiding us back into our hearts.

  3. Very good points. I want to point out that for many people, religion can be great stress balancer as well.

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