January 22, 2018

3 Keys to Staying Fit in College

3 Keys to Staying Fit in College - photo copyright Rick Sherrell

Because of studying and partying along with balancing a social life, students forget to take care of their health. Although some students might not assume they have to stress out regarding vigorous habits, developing the right habits can increase disease resistance for college kids in order to remain fit in their adult lives.


Fitting an exercise routine into a busy school schedule can be tough, but most school campuses make it simple for college kids to do some workout. Most schools provide different exercise categories and intra-group sports programs, which helps to make exercise a fun activity. Most universities also provide free or discounted coupons to gyms. This ends after graduation, so students should take advantage of it early on.


Having a healthy diet will also improve a college student’s immune system and this will perk up their general wellbeing. Typically it’s tough to eat healthy food in school once your meal decisions are based on fast food but with enough discipline, it’s possible to start a new healthy diet.

First, eat a nutritious breakfast. This could be tough when you are speeding through the hallway to get to class, however grabbing a biscuit or an apple will give a clear way to have a strong lifestyle. For this, you must make time to grab a pasta or some nutritious fruit from the cafeteria. 

For those night hungers during exam preparation, strive for improved substitutes when it comes to your favourite late-night foods. Get a pizza with fewer fat ingredients, vegetable toppings rather than beef and cholesterol- filled cheddar. Snacking can even be an excellent method to have your desire for food under control throughout the day. Snacking will stop your craving for comfort foods. Munch on things like vegetables, bread or cheese to stay fit.

Keep these words in mind when you’re selecting food: moderation, selection and balance. Though you’ll be tempted to have an all-nighter for a review or be late out at night when partying, moderation is key to maintaining your health.

Sleep Well

Sleep deprivation will also cause reduced brain performance, insomnia and weight discrepancies. College students should get eight hours of sleep daily and having this quantity will improve your overall health. To remain invigorated throughout the day, take a brief nap in the middle of the day and try to follow a schedule. Keep your sleeping area dark and quiet. Also, before sleeping avoid drinking caffeinated drinks.

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  1. Samantha Stauf says:

    I think one of the easier ways to stay fit, especially if the town the college is located in is small, is to just ditch the car and bike everywhere. If you do utilize this method, I would recommend you drive your car at least once every two weeks to ensure the battery in the car doesn’t die.

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