January 20, 2018

3 Registration tips that every student needs to know

Tawan Perry - 3 registration Tips

It’s back to school time and you’re late to register for the upcoming semester. I know you got distracted by Facebook or you were one minute too late before grabbing the class you needed online. Don’t fret; here are some tips that can help give you a smooth registration and maybe grant you access in that class that you need to take this semester.

Tip #1 Develop a relationship with your advisor.

This sounds simple, right? The truth is that most students are required to meet with their academic advisor before they can register for their classes. However, you’d be surprised how many students treat it like a routine dentist appointment. I know dentist appointments are no fun but getting to know your advisor can have its advantages. For instance, besides having the inside track on your professor, they usually can give you a sense of what courses to during the upcoming semester that will be sensible. Put another way, if you are planning to take Physics, Computer Science, and Microbiology in the same semester, they may be able to give you a fair warning given another student’s experience. Why not learn from another student’s mistake? Either way, their insight and advice will go along way in helping you create your schedule.

Tip #2 Refer to your school’s catalogue.

Here’s a factoid. You are only required to meet the requirements from the catalogue of the year you first enrolled. At most institutions, the year you enrolled at the college is the catalogue’s rule, policy, and procedures that you follow. In other words, if you entered the school in 2009 and the school revised the catalogue since that time with changes to your academic requirements you may not be mandated to meet these requirements. In any case, be sure to discuss this with either your academic advisor or your faculty chair person.

Tip #3 Sit in.

Sit in. No, I’m talking about starting a social or political activist protest in one of your classes. I’m speaking of in the event a needed class is full, going to your class with the intent to meet your professor and ask for their permission to allow you to register for their class. Life happens. Sometimes students don’t return to school for one reason or another. Whatever the scenario, this is your opportunity to catch a break. There is a good chance that one of your peers may have dropped the course, thus leaving an open seat for you. After the first class is over, or during the professor’s office hour, go to their office and plead your case. Hint: it would be wise not to give them a lame excuse for not registering in the first place. Just remember, your professor has a strong stake in deciding whether or not you are enrolled in their class.

If you follow these tips, registration, just may go a little smoother. Just remember, its all up to you to get connected, stay connected, and graduate!

About the Author: Tawan Perry (24 Posts)

Tawan Perry is the creator of the comprehensive Connect-5 College Completion Program. As a college speaker and as both a former student leader and college administrator, Tawan uses the Connect-5 College Completion program to help guide students step by step from college prep to cap and gown.


  1. Derek Han says:

    If the class you want is full and the college uses online registration there is an app that texts/emails you when the classes open. Google “Course Catcher” you won’t miss it.

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