January 18, 2018

3 Ways to pep up your campus club meetings

Two things most of us will avoid like the plague… The droning of a monotone voice from the front of the room and the meeting leader that sits in the middle of the floor and asks, “So what do you guys want to talk about tonight?” As part of running better campus clubs and organizations let’s make sure our meetings are fun and interesting or just put us all out of our misery and stop having them! Here are a couple of my time-tested ideas to give things a kick in the pants.

Dave Kelly - Seminole State College Leadership Program 01

Dave Kelly and the Seminole State College Leadership Program (with pep!)

1) Start on time. End on time. People’s time is important. Drop the, “I’m going to wait a few minutes until more people arrive.” Start NOW! Don’t punish the people who arrived on time. Start now and finish on time. Once you run over, people will start looking around, clock watching, texting each other – doing everything, except paying attention!

2) Have an agenda – and stick to it! Pass it out or put it up on a screen where everyone can see it. Get lots of participation, but use your agenda to stay on track and limit discussion to the topic at hand. Talking about your plans for Saturday night should take place outside of the meeting.

3) Sing a song – like the national anthem. Read a humorous story from any number of resources, or share a motivational quote, like those found in “Gonzo’s Little Book of Motivation”. This gets the group interested and focused on something aside from the meeting topics and gets everyone on the same page.

Running your meetings well is an important ingredient to the overall success of your campus club or organization. And it’s not just all about sticking to Robert’s Rules of Order. Well-run doesn’t have to mean boring.

How about some feedback? I’d love for you to share your expertise and learning experiences with me. Come on, don’t hold back. I want to hear about both your meeting horror stories and successes!

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“3 Ways to pep up your campus club meetings”

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