January 18, 2018

3 Workable options for work-at-home students

Working from home is an excellent way for college students to earn a little extra money, and it can be conveniently fitted around their studies as it suits them. Jobs that aren’t ‘work from home’ can often clash with study schedules, and take up large chunks of time that could otherwise be spent doing homework. As well as the comfort of working from your own room, no commutes to make and a lot of flexibility, it’s great for students to be able to get that little extra independence from Mom and Dad, however much money you earn!

3 Workable options for work-at-home students - photo copyright Rick Sherrell

There are many options available for students to work from home in their spare time, either earning enough for a little extra spending money each month or to keep a steady income, depending on how much time and effort is put into the work. With claims that the price of college is rising faster than inflation, now is definitely a good time to be trying to bring some extra money in.

Online Tutoring

Tutoring online is a great way to earn money, pass on your knowledge and keep your skills sharp at the same time. Tutor.com offers one-to-one tutoring services online 24/7, and all you need to be able to apply is to be eligible to work in the US or Canada, at least at college student learning level, a steady internet connection and to pass the recruitment exam. The work is very flexible and you can choose your own hours, so even if your schedule changes from week to week you can still fit the job around it. People who have studied the sciences and math topics generally get more work as they are more in demand and earn more money as a result, but tutors from any subject background can still apply. In addition to the rewards that tutoring brings, such as the satisfaction of imparting knowledge to an appreciative student, the work experience looks great on your resume!

Freelance Writing/Editing

Another great ‘flexible hours’ job is freelance writing. If you have excellent writing, grammatical and research skills, you could write for Wait.co.uk, a company that employs people to write high quality, usually web-based content for their clients. There are also editing jobs available for people with exceptional grammar and who have great attention to detail to check for minor grammatical mistakes and make sure the content reaches the requirements of the client. Both positions offer flexibility, with jobs listed on a job management system, which you can then claim and work on when you have the time, with most jobs requiring completion and submission within 24 hours. An English major is not a requirement to apply for these sorts of jobs, however you should ideally possess a passion for writing and good written skills and there is a trial job that you will need to pass to be able to get regular work. The amount of money you can earn then simply depends on how much content you have time to write each week!

Mystery Shopping

Companies, malls and restaurants all want to know what you, the public, think of their services and want to learn how they can improve what they do in order to attract even more business. A mystery shopper works independently, and reports back to their employer about their various experiences at these kinds of places. It won’t earn you an awful lot of money but if you are a person who enjoys regularly going out for meals, you could theoretically save the money you would have spent on a meal by being employed to report on it! With the mystery shopping market on the rise, it is important to look out for scams however; a company should never charge you for a list of mystery shopping jobs for example. Try MysteryShop.org for more information.

Other Opportunities

If you are into arts and crafts, maybe you could start selling the goodies you make online? Websites like etsy.com allow you to list items to sell for a small insertion fee (usually around 20 cents) and allow you to build up your own online shop. With a little time and effort put into marketing your shop you could soon build up a small but steady business. Finally, another job venture that requires good marketing skills, as well as an interest in writing, is blogging. If you set up a blog with blogger.com you can enable adverts on your blog that will give you money when readers of your blog click on their links. All you need to do is keep promoting your blog to get as many people looking at it as possible! Working from home has never been more accessible.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Izzy Woods is a freelance writer and mother of two.

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