January 20, 2018

4 Questions to ask yourself between semesters

Tawan Perry - 4 questions between semesters - Connect-5

The semester has come to an end and it’s time to start thinking about next semester. Whether you’re burned out from this semester or have had a few weeks to get over it; there are some things to consider as you prepare for next year.

  1. Is your schedule realistic? If you have already scheduled your classes for the next quarter or semester, ask yourself this question. Is taking 20 credits and working 20 hours really necessary? What commitments do I need to maintain and what commitments do I just want? Get your schedule in check or you may have a long, stressful semester.
  2. What can you improve upon? Most students never ask this question during mid-year. If something is not working, this is an excellent time to make adjustment.
  3. Are you connected? Or a better questions is, are you connected to the resources that will benefit you next semester? Whether you live on campus or are a commuter, anyone can benefit from getting connected and staying connected with campus resources. If you have never visited your career services or the study aboard office, the time is now.
  4. Have you tied up all loose ends? In other words, have you taken care of all financial obligations? If you want to avoid the rush or steer clear of any unwanted surprises, the best thing to do is to take care of your business before the offices shut down for the holiday or breaks.

Connect-5 College Completion ProgramKeeping these points in mind will assist you in making a smooth transition from one semester to the next.

Get Connected. Stay Connected. Graduate.

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Tawan Perry is the creator of the comprehensive Connect-5 College Completion Program. As a college speaker and as both a former student leader and college administrator, Tawan uses the Connect-5 College Completion program to help guide students step by step from college prep to cap and gown.

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