January 20, 2018

5 Good reasons to join a fraternity

5 Reasons to Join a Fraternity - photo copyright 2012 Rick Sherrell

Just about every college campus in America has a Greek system of some kind, better known as fraternities and sororities, exclusive clubs of students with an admissions process, chapters, symbols, secrets and great parties. While sororities have their fair share of fun and scandal, fraternities usually get the most attention due to the problems that have occurred in the past, like hazing and other dangerous incidents. While every organization has a few problems, there are a number of positive things that come out of joining a fraternity, usually adding to both the college experience and life as a whole. Check out five reasons to join a fraternity, listed below.

Security and a Fun Place to Live

Rather then living in some random dorm or apartment complex near the college campus, you will get the opportunity to live in a fraternity house, a massive structure that all of the guys live in together. You’ll then be able to pool money, have the place cleaned, have events, stock the fridge, study together and lots more based on your pooled resources. There’s also a sense of security here, not just mentally but also physically, as everyone will be watching out for each other. That means it will be tougher for someone to break in and steal your things as there will usually be someone around. Even as identity theft has become more common among college students these days, a fraternity house could get a service like Lifelock for a small fee per month, protecting all of the frat brothers from having their money or identities stolen.

A Core Group of Friends Who Care About Your Success

Fraternities are often a draw to young men entering college in a new place as a group of new friends who are like them and will share experiences. They’ll often have your back throughout college and beyond, becoming lifelong friends. This friendship and closeness is what many young men really need when they are embarking upon adulthood. Many fraternities encourage success in higher learning and education and were formed to encourage and promote the scholastic achievements of members and other students across the nation.

How Can We Not Mention the Parties

As everyone knows, fraternities are often in the epicenter of the party and social scene on campus, with members organizing or attending parties nearly every weekend. The parties allow members to meet girls and fellow students that they might not have met otherwise in a social setting. Here, the power in numbers mentality of the fraternity makes it one of the most appealing reasons to join.

Looks Good on a Resume

If you are a member of a fraternity, working hard in school and a prominent member in Greek life, it will stand out on your resume in many professions. People who were once in the Greek system and were members of your fraternity will appreciate your continuing the tradition and look to hire you or give you special treatment in the future. To drive home the point, all but two U.S. Presidents have been members of fraternities. Maybe you’ll be able to add that title to your resume one day, too!

Endless Memories

After four years of fun, fellowship and bonding in a fraternity, you will have a library’s worth of memories that will last the rest of your life. Going forward you can know that you have made friends and connections that could last a life time and will have your back, further down the road. It will bring a unique type of continuity to your college career and hopefully prepare you for a more successful future.

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