January 17, 2018

5 Sites to help build your Digital Resume

5 Sites to help you build your Digital Resume - photo copyright Rick Sherrell

The Internet has revolutionized the way people think and work everywhere, so why not the job world? Even though the traditional form of resumes is still in vogue, digital resumes are slowly carving their niche in the job sphere. Why not consider a digital CV and get swept by the wave? There are many sites out there that will help you create the perfect resume without any hassles. Following are 5 sites that create excellent digital resumes.

1. ResumUP.com

Social networking sites have becomes an important part of everyone’s life and your professional life is no different. ResumUP.com exploits this tremendous power of social networking sites. It gives you a professional looking profile that could give your professional life the necessary boost.

2. ResumeBanking.com

It is a known fact that people respond better to visual stimuli and visual resumes are a success for that very reason. ResumeBanking.com has a powerful and attractive interface and even lets you share your resume on your social networking sites. You can also benefit by using the superior job search option. It lets you build your cover letter and gives you interesting insights and statistics to help build a great resume.

3. ResumeBear.com

This is another visual resume builder which has an interesting feature of tracing your resume’s popularity. This means that you can monitor and see for yourself how popular your resume is in the job sphere. It lets you find out about people who clicked and opened your resume to check it out. ResumeBear also works on iPhone and Android.

4. Facebook Timeline Feature

Facebook is where almost all your life can be seen at a glance because of the numerous friends you have and the stuff you share. But, have you ever thought about using your Facebook profile as something more than a fun thing for interaction? Using Facebook’s timeline feature you can list out your professional life in a chronological manner that is easier to see and analyze. You can track your milestones from previous dates and years. It can act as a brilliant digital resume.

5. Infinity Resume App

People don’t have time and need everything on the go, and why not? Time is money and mobility is the new mantra. This app for iPhone lets you create and edit your resume on the go. All the basic features of the resume are present in this app and it is pretty helpful.

There are many other sites and apps that would help you build a digital resume. Most sites have options to optimize SEO visibility of your resume and some have brilliant interactive interfaces. Research a bit and see what appeals to you and what seems more attractive depending on your resume.

Brenda Lyttle has completed a Masters Degree in English Literature from NYU and loves writing on a variety of topics. In her free time, she enjoys reading novels and listening to Pink Floyd.

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