February 20, 2018

7 Great Paying Jobs that Require a Master’s Degree

7 Great Paying Jobs that Require a Masters Degree

While paying for a higher degree can feel a little daunting, to get a great paying job, you will need to get a master’s degree. Below are seven great-paying jobs, but to get that stellar salary, you’ll need to earn it.

1. Software Engineer

Steve jobs might have started developing software in his garage, but had he gotten an advanced degree, he might have been able to buy the digs from dear old Mom or get a sweet setup of his own. Software engineers make more than $15,000 more annually than those with just a Bachelor’s degree. According to Careerbliss.com, the average software engineer with a four-year degree makes only $79,000, where one with a Master’s degree makes almost $96,000.

2. Management

Being the big guy in charge has its ups and down, but manager who have a little more training are at least compensated for ebbs and flows in company morale. Managers who have a Master’s degree make almost 18 percent more than managers with a Bachelor’s. According to Careerbliss.com, managers with less training make just shy of $80,000 a year, while the more experience pros make over $97,000.

3. Graphic Designer

Most artists go to school to become graphic designers so they can skip the endless nights of Ramen noodles and attending art opening just for the free wine and cheese; however, although graphic designers often make more right out of art school, they make significantly less than their higher-educated counterparts. According to Careerbliss.com, a graduate from a bachelor’s program will probably only start out at just over $42,000 a year, where a graduate from a master’s degree will get at least $10,000 more. Picasso would have been proud.

4. Public Administrator

Not a lot of kids sit around dreaming about growing up to be firemen, astronauts, and… public administrators. Most kids probably do not know what a public administrator does. “What can I do with a masters in public administration?” most college graduates might ask. Yet public administrators are highly coveted, and make not far from six figures—especially those who have a master’s. According to Careerbliss.com, entry-level administrators start out at almost $76,000, where those with a master’s degree will start at $96,000. Not too far from that lovely six-figure mark.

5. Financial Advisor

According to Careerbliss.com, financial advisors will start out at almost $63,000—not a lot to keep all those numbers and figures and green in check; however, financial advisors with a master’s will see a hike of almost 20 percent. Most financial advisors with an advanced degree will get nearly $78,000 a year.

6. Marketing

Marketing is one of the most lucrative careers. According to Careerbliss.com, sell a product to the public, and graduates who have a higher degree might nab nearly six figures—almost $99,000. Without this degree, undergrads will see a 20 percent drop in pay.

7. Web Designer

Making a website more attractive to customers and clients can pay pretty well: $46,000 for someone fresh out of college, according to Careerbliss.com; however, anyone entering the job market with a master’s degree will see almost $15,000 more a year. Master’s degree holders get nearly $60,000 to make a website stand out from the crowd.


Karleia Steiner is a freelance blogger. Away from the office she enjoys spending time with her two daughters.


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