January 22, 2018

7 Online Platforms to Boost Your Research Skills

7 Online Platforms to Boost Your Research Skills

Being a college student means you will have to take your studying to a whole other, more serious level. You will be required to write essays and papers that are supported by data and facts, and for that, you will have to conduct a thorough research and rely on scientific publications and journals as your source of information, as opposed to general knowledge and articles that pop up on the first pages of Google Search.

However, whether you prefer to search through printed works, or online, you will have your work cut out for you, because the process is incredibly time-consuming and there is so much information, it is easy to get lost in all of it. In order to help you find the right data to support your written work, and to streamline your research process, we have selected 7 online platforms that will guide you through every aspect of research. Keep on reading to find out more about each of these tools.

1.      My Science Work

One of the first online resources you should turn to when doing your research is MyScienceWork. It is a platform that allows students to access over 2,500 scientific databases all over the world which contain more than 31 million research studies, papers, and publications, 20 million of which are completely free and available for immediate download in PDF. The remaining 11 million are available for purchase. In addition to providing vast amounts of data, MyScienceWork allows you to network with other students and researchers and expand your knowledge. Also, the platform has a unique ratings system which lets you know which papers have the best peer reviews.

2.      RefWorks

RefWorks is a browser-based resource, available for Firefox and Internet Explorer, which allows students to manage their references, store them online and share them with other users. One of its cleverest features is the RefGrab-It tool, which is capable of automatically downloading all of the bibliographic info from the most reputable sites like Wikipedia, Amazon, Google Scholar, PubMed, the BBC, USA Today, The New York Times, and many other sources. Also, many other academic services, including PubMed, allow for their references to be exported to RefWorks directly, which provides an additional level of flexibility.

3.      EduGeeksClub

If you are not that great at doing research, and you hate the idea of asking someone for help, there is a solution, in the shape of EduGeeksClub, one of the leading online services that assists college students during all stages of research, as well as writing, editing, and proofreading. The reason EduGeeksClub is capable of providing such a complete service is because it gathers professional researchers, writers, editors, and even scientists which have extensive experience in the field, and can cover a wide variety of subjects and topics.

4.      PubReader

Sifting through all those publications and papers on your computer screen can be an exhausting task, and PubReader offers an alternative to that, especially if you are relying on platforms like PubMed, or Bookshelf. Although it was primarily conceived to make reading easier and more intuitive on portable and tablet devices, providing a distraction-free reading environment, PubReader also works well with any computer and any browser. If are looking for a more comfortable and efficient way of going through scientific literature, give PubReader a shot, you might like it.

5.      ACS ChemWorks

If you are a chemistry major, you will find much to like about ACS ChemWorks, which was created by the American Chemical Society. This online platform, in addition to being a reference manager, provides students, scientists, and researchers with a whole suite of different tools they can use. Aside from helping students with their research, this resource can guide them through the process of sharing, distributing and publishing their work. Although primarily aimed at students and professionals whose field of interest is chemistry, it can be used for a wide variety of applications, as well.

6.      Mendeley

Mendeley is pretty difficult to describe using only a few sentences, because it’s such a powerful and versatile online platform which can make your research a lot more streamlined and efficient. Apart form acting as a reference manager and PDF editor, Mendeley is also a unique academic online network which connects college students, researchers and scientists all across the globe, and allows them to collaborate and share their work. Another thing Mendeley can help you with is the creation of your own custom bibliographies which are also fully searchable. It is also capable of automatically searching for papers that are similar to those you are currently reading.

7.      SciFeeds

Scientific research aggregators are another way of upgrading your research process. We recommend that you check out SciFeeds, which gathers data from scientific journals, peer-reviewed publications, newsfeeds, websites, and even blogs. It is able to do this, thanks to its advanced AI algorithms which rely on data extracted from citations, news, social networks, and natural language processing to collect scientifically useful content. In addition to all of that, SciFeeds enables students to do full text searching, as opposed to just going through abstracts, which makes their research more accurate and complete.

These online resources are your digital toolbox which enables you find all the information you need, when you need it. You will be able to find the right data faster, and your written assignments will be professionally written, and supported by facts, which is the ultimate goal.

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