January 18, 2018

8 Tips for Starting a Successful Career Journey

8 Tips for Starting a Successful Career Journey - photo copyright Rick Sherrell

In everyone’s life there’s a moment when the yesterday student graduates from his alma mater and starts thinking over what to do in his future life. It’s nearly impossible to find the college graduate who wouldn’t be dreaming about a successful career. Of course, there are no universal formula for success, but there are several major rules that can help you to achieve desired career heights if followed. So, if you are aimed at becoming the CEO or something one day, keep in mind the following:

1. Make it up with the idea of lifelong learning. In the today’s reality of globalization, it’s nearly impossible to get trained once and then just work using the gained knowledge. You’ll have to learn, train and retrain for numerous times to become successful at what you do.

2. Don’t be afraid of difficulties. The difficult situations throughout your job process challenge you and motivate for gaining more experience. It’s impossible to grow professionally while completing feasible, simple tasks. Ask for difficult situation – solving them may be hard, but they will give you more precious experience and the sense of well-being.

3. Never apply for a job if you need it only to pay the bills. You will never achieve high results doing something you don’t like. Money shouldn’t be the main motivation for a graduate; it’s much more important to find a job you will like. When you like the job, you’re excited about the process itself and as a result, you’ll be able to gain higher results.

4. Maintain the college relationships. Don’t forget your old friends and the teachers you used to work with. One day you might need their connections, reference or simply a piece of advice.

5. Travel as much as you can. In the terms of globalized market, the big companies are highly interested with the students who have cross-cultural experience and know foreign languages. People who understand different cultures and knows how to work in these conditions will always be in demand.

6. Grammar matters. One of the main points HR executives pay attention to is a good grammar and a writing ability. That’s why you may be asked to send the samples of your college samples. Thinking processes and vocabulary used matter not depending on the position you apply for.

7. You’ll be judged for your personal qualities first. You can be a hard-working person and a good specialist, but if you are not friendly, look gloomy and cannot work in a team, you will unlikely be a success. For a successful career, you will need a skill to communicate with people and gain your purposes through communication is nearly the most important quality of a good leader. So, think about what kind of person you are!

8. Know your strengths, your weaknesses and your goals. Be specific and concrete. All of us have weak points, the matter is to concentrate on your strong ones and develop them. The clear understanding of what you want is also a neat thing. Determined people appeal to us more and are more trusted. Moreover, to accomplish your goal, you should know it clearly.

Paul Smith works for a resume writing service. He has a lot of hobbies, include traveling, sports and composing guest posts. Paul can be contacted at Google+.

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