January 22, 2018

Achieving successful college outcomes through Greek Life

Achieving successful college outcomes through Greek Life

Between sporting events, parties and mixers, you might barely have time to go to class and study once you get to college. All kidding aside, college is a whole new world for the student. There’s new opportunities, new people to meet and new groups and clubs you can join to help make your college years a success, both from a personal, academic and professional standpoint. For instance, you can partake in Greek life (i.e., pledging a fraternity or sorority). In all likelihood, not only will this help improve your personal college experience, but becoming a member of a frat or sorority can also put you on the path to success during and after your tenure in school. Here’s how:

Time Management

Studies show that students involved in extracurricular activities, be it sports or clubs, also get better grades. Why? Because they learn to manage their time as there’s less of it to go around. Greek life is a time consuming activity, so it’s no exception to this general trend.

Social Base

Are you a wet-behind-the-ears college freshman? Have you historically been shy and guarded? Greek life is a perfect way to meet new people and come into your own. In addition to your frat brothers and sorority sisters, you’ll be privy to a plethora of parties which can help you come out of your shell.


All pledges receive a “big,” that is a big brother or big sister to somewhat show them the ropes of Greek life and college life. Bigs also provide guidance and mentorship to help successfully usher in the next generation of members.


Don’t think that your particular frat or sorority is just limited to your campus – there’s likely chapters all across the country. This is ideal for post-graduation, when you’re looking for a job or internship to get your foot in the door, as you’re likely to come across someone that’s also a past member. That can be quite the competitive advantage.


By joining a frat you have the opportunity to become a leader. Not only can you be a part of an organized group, but you can be the voice or spokesperson of sorts of that group. Think of it as the captain of a team, but instead of a team you have your brothers or sisters. Leadership is a valuable skill sought by employers.

Community Service

Greek life isn’t just about partying – there’s also opportunities to get involved in the campus community and charity service to help out and give back to the university.

You see, while Hollywood has portrayed Greek life as raucous and wild, there’s more to frats and sororities than partying. There’s the chance to be a part of something that can make your four years at college memorable and pave the way for continued success after graduation.

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