January 17, 2018

Are you engaging in authentic relationships?

Felicia Harlow, College Speaker - Are you engaging in authentic relationships

To be authentic is to be real, transparent, truthful, or honest. Within the word relationships are the words “relate” and “ship.” Some synonyms for “relate” include communication, link up, share, connect, and cooperate. When I think of the word “ship,” I think of a boat, cruise ship, vessel, or something that carries or transports people or goods. As I reflect upon all of these separate ideas of the words authentic relationships, I am humbled because the underlying meaning of these words is all about transparency, care, connection, cooperation, commitment, communication and character.

I had to stop and ask myself, “Are my closest relationships authentic relationships?” My honest answer was “no, not all of them.” Then, I began to think about my past and current relationships and mentally list examples of experiences within those relationships that appeared authentic to me. Even though I had many examples to list out, I clearly had more growth opportunities in this area of authentic relationships.

So, moving forward, I have decided to make a conscious effort to establish and sustain authentic relationships because I want all of the things listed above in my closest relationships – transparency, care, connection, cooperation, commitment, communication, and character. In short, I want true partnerships. How about you? Life in college is the perfect time to get serious about the types of relationships you are entering into. Often times, you will carry these relationships well into your future.

Take care of yourself in a way that helps you identify, establish, and maintain an authentic relationship with yourself and others. A few ways to do this are to answer the following questions:

  1. Is the idea of an authentic relationship important to me? Why or why not?
  2. What are the indicators of authentic and correct relationships for me?
  3. What does not work well for me in my relationships?
  4. How is my mental, physical, and emotional well-being affected in my closest relationships?

The questions above are a few examples of my unique way of focusing on and sustaining authentic relationships while experiencing Growth in Motion!!

Growth in Motion™!! = Self care + Self Empowerment + Self knowledge + Self Direction

As I continue to embrace all of me – the good, bad, and unconscious aspects of myself, I continue to change, reshape, and/or redefine my life and relationships in a way that feels correct for me. I suggest that you keep the above questions close by, use them consistently, and watch how magnificent your relationships become!

Take Care of Yourself,
♥ Felicia
“Living a Growth in Motion™ lifestyle!”

About the Author: Felicia Harlow (43 Posts)

Felicia Harlow, the Heart Ecologist, Life Coach, & College Speaker, teaches women and students how to empower themselves through self care, heart awareness, and self direction. She encourages students to embrace her 4 step Growth in Motion Process™, starting with the Growth in Motion Oath™ and applying it by living a Growth in Motion lifestyle! Felicia is available to speak at campus events year round to help BRING BALANCE TO YOUR STUDENTS LIVES.


  1. Jhamilton,

    I’m glad that you enjoyed my article and I’m appreciative that you shared another resource. I’ve found that the most authentic relationships are ones where we can be vulnerable, share perspectives, and become partners in learning. You have demonstrated ‘partnership’ and ‘shared perspective’ in your exchange with me and others who are reading this post.

    Thank you for your contribution!

    Take Care of Yourself,

  2. Thank you for your page…. I enjoyed it and want to share another page I enjoyed too.

    Invite you to visit: http://authenticrelationships.2itb.com/index.html

    This online article explores clues that can emerge from the way a person writes about him/herself that he/she is self-protective and protects the inner person from being visible to others.

    The author’s email is on the page.

    Thank you.

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