January 18, 2018

Are you one of the Unemployable Generation?

“It’s not the job I want. It’s not the hours I want to work. It’s not the salary I want. It’s not in the city where I want to work.”


What happened to getting your foot in the door, proving yourself and working your way into the position/salary/company/city you want?

CNN is reporting a story that you are becoming the ‘unemployable generation.’ In Texas, we would call “them fightin’ words.”

I took a job at a major market radio station as a secretary just to get my foot in the door. I practiced typing at home at night so I could pull it off. After I had proved my work ethic, then and only then did I tell the Program Director that I had college experience on the air and would appreciate an opportunity if it ever came along. It did and I was eventually given a full-time radio shift…at horrible pay.

Later, I took a job at another station as the overnight radio host, awful pay again and even more awful hours. I knew if I could just get into this top-rated rock station, I had the ability to make my mark.

I did and I spent the next 20 years as a top-rated radio personality, working my butt off every day to stay at the top and make the big bucks.

Find the industry you want to work in and find a way to get your foot in the door. I swept floors and filed records. Offer to do the most menial of tasks, anything to become an employee at the company or in an industry, all the while forming relationships with people in the company and/or industry you want to work in. Once you’ve done that, if you work hard and have the talent you think you have, you will eventually have the job you want.

Hanging with your friends, drinking $5 lattes and complaining is not how you get a job. Don’t be the ‘unemployable generation’ – be the ‘kick ass and take names’ generation.

Tip: 5 Things To Do Every Day For Success from FastCompany.com.

Dayna Steele "My First Rock Station"

Getting my foot in the door at my first Rock Station! (and happy to be there!)

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  1. Jim Milburn says:

    Yes, this is how Telsa, JP Morgan and Bill Gates all got to be who they R. They sweep floors and smiled. No talent, no special knowledge just attitude.I wonder if Dayna would let a little go getter operate on her if they got their job as a neuro surgeon by sweeping floors…. How naive R U Dayna?

  2. These days if you put your foot in the door, they will call security and throw you out.
    The article has nothing to do with reality.

  3. getting your foot in the door often isn’t an option. I’d take any job offered to me.

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