January 18, 2018

Assuring Failure is Not an Option!

Dayna Steele - Failure is not an option

As many students are taking a summer and a break from brain work, it is a good time to look back over what you have accomplished since the school year began last August or September. How are your grades? How is your state of mind? How do you feel about the future?

Taking all of that into account, think ahead, past the summer fun and picture yourself next August or September. Can you do better? What can you do to think more positively? What is your plan for the future?

Plan. There is a simple yet key word from all of the above. What is your plan? Not your future plan but rather your plan for today. Yep, just today.

The most successful people have a calendar, most on their phones now that syncs with their computer, to keep up with everything that needs to be done – from work due to calls that need to be made to appointments and meetings. Start to make it a habit to use the calendar function on your phone and/or computer and set out a schedule each and every day. As soon as you get an assignment, add it to the calendar. When you think of something that needs to be done, add it to your to-do list, when you think of someone you need to call or see, add it to the plan.

Each and every morning I print out a sheet of the things I need to do in order of priority. It helps me not only remember to do things, especially the most important things first, it also helps me keep focused. In fact, “Check Facebook” is at the bottom of the page because I know once I get started on that, I could be there for over an hour! Apparently even the late, great Benjamin Franklin had a schedule. He even reviewed himself at the end of each day.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin

When you take it one day at a time, with a plan that you stick to, the future becomes more clear and that summer much more enjoyable!

Rock on Steeleworkers!

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Dayna Steele is the creator of YourDailySuccessTip.com and the author of the 101 Ways to Rock Your World book series. She went to college when she was 16 and had a really good time. In speaking to college students, Dayna shares the everyday principles of success she learned from years of mingling with successful Rock Stars as one of the nation's top Rock Radio DJ's. She helps her audiences Rock to the Top in college, in their careers, as entrepreneurs and in life. Dayna speaks about SUCCESS to college students, business people and entrepreneurs across the globe and is available to speak at your next campus event.


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