February 20, 2018

"Find Your Inner Rock Star!" with Dayna Steele

About Dayna Steele

Dayna Steele is the creator of YourDailySuccessTip.com and the author of the 101 Ways to Rock Your World book series. She went to college when she was 16 and had a really good time. In speaking to college students, Dayna shares the everyday principles of success she learned from years of mingling with successful Rock Stars as one of the nation's top Rock Radio DJ's. She helps her audiences Rock to the Top in college, in their careers, as entrepreneurs and in life. Dayna speaks about SUCCESS to college students, business people and entrepreneurs across the globe and is available to speak at your next campus event.

Why Yes, I Am a Rock Star: CONFIDENCE

Don't worry about what other people think Look and act confident, the actual confidence will follow Never give up, keep trying Failure is not the end of something, merely a lesson Confidence does not equal rudeness You believe and your audience will believe More points taken from my book, “Rock to the Top: What I Learned About Success from the World’s Greatest Rock Stars.” Listen to the chapter on CONFIDENCE from the audio version of the book below. You can also TWEET it to your … [Read more...]

Party Like a Rock Star?

Wow. You’ve done it. You’ve finally graduated from high school and you’re off to college. You’ll be on your own with a car, an apartment, a college ID, freedom, and the ability to plan your own schedule and make your own decisions. Party! Not so quick. It is never too early to start branding yourself, monitoring your reputation, creating your “personal brand” being the key phrase this week. Whatever you call it, you are in charge of it and now is the time to begin. Print this list and … [Read more...]

First Impressions: What Your Email Says About You

What does your email address and signature say about you? In short, everything. Often, your email is the first impression anyone will have of you, from the actual email name and address to the signature in the body of the email. Your email carries a lot of weight when someone is deciding what his or her first impression is of you. Start with your email name. It is probably best to use your full name or first initial and last name. Using just your first name may be a little too informal for … [Read more...]

No One Will Ever Pay To Download Music: TECHNOLOGY

TECHNOLOGY Get a computer and a cell phone. Get e-mail and check it, use it, manage it. Become friendly with the Internet and what it has to offer. Google yourself. Embrace and learn new technologies. Sometimes simple is better. It's never too late to embrace technology with this success advice from my book, "Rock to the Top: What I Learned About Success from the World's Greatest Rock Stars." Listen to the chapter on TECHNOLOGY from the audio version of the book below. TWEET  it … [Read more...]

LinkedIn for Success: When You Start to Look for that First Job

“It’s not what you know but who you know.” That’s what I used to joke with the other radio personalities about as we sat backstage at the latest sold out show from the comfort of a VIP area with free food and drinks as well as full access to the stars of the band. Little did I know at the time, how true that phrase really is! Most job offers don’t come from strangers or filling out applications blindly online. They come from recommendations and referrals from people you know or people you … [Read more...]

10 Ways not to blow your first job… and Rock to the Top!

The hard work only begins once you've got your diploma. Here are 10 things to do every day to guarantee your success once your foot's in the door. As college graduates don their robes and mortar boards and finally make that walk across the stage to receive a diploma, those of you who have a position lined up are the lucky ones. Good for you. Now, the work really begins. Here's a list to get you started: Do quality work. Crap will catch up with you quickly. Solve your own … [Read more...]

Homework: Lessons Learned from a Student

A class, a meeting with a mentor or a job interview? Are you prepared? If you are like me, this past year's Spring Break was great but it came and went along with a few dollars out of my wallet. The highlight? A trip to the offices of Roblox, a favorite online game for my teenage son. He had actually made the pilgrimage to the Roblox offices a year ago and was looking forward to talking again to fellow gamers at this fast-growing Silicon Valley start-up. We were ushered into a sparsely … [Read more...]

Now that school is back in session, are you?

Four weeks with your friends and family were fun but now it is time to get back to the work at hand – securing your future so that one day (in the very near future), you can live the life you want to live. Here are five things you can do right NOW to help secure your desired future: Request a meeting with each of your instructors NOW, even those for basic subjects that have nothing to do with what you want to do for a living. Ask about their success – where they went to school, what they … [Read more...]

Can You Identify a Campus Rock Star?

We rock. You rock. They rock. I am a rock star. He is a student rock star. She is a professor rock star. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Blah, blah, blah. I spent years around real rock stars and I can tell you they are few and far between. What sets a rock star apart from everyone else is not talent. There are a lot of talented people in every industry, from the music industry to campuses everywhere to the real world. The true rock stars in any industry; the ones truly at the top of their game however, … [Read more...]

I Love Rock and Roll: PASSION

PASSION... Plus hard work equals success. PASSION... Is contagious to others. PASSION... Overcomes barriers and obstacles. PASSION... Gives you the energy to keep going. PASSION... Blocks out the words "no" and "you can't." PASSION... Leads you down the right path. These points are excerpted from my book, "Rock to the Top: What I Learned About Success from the World's Greatest Rock Stars." Listen to the chapter on PASSION from the audio version of the book below. You can also TWEET … [Read more...]

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