March 27, 2017

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Setting Ground Rules for Roommate Success

By Melisa Figueroa They say that roommates are the luck of the draw even with people you know. Some situations are picture-perfect, while others are less than desirable. There are some that start out great but turn sour, and others that start out rocky but turn into lifelong friendships. The key to success is keeping a balance of fairness and friendship to ensure that your apartment will stay a peaceful and positive place for all. Living with people who aren’t your family can be eye … [Read more...]

Essential study skills for succeeding in your degree program

Regardless of what degree you’ve chosen, you will need to learn essential study skills to succeed in your degree program. Success isn’t only measured by a passing grade but by being able to apply the knowledge in your new career. Adopting the right study skills will guarantee that you pass your assessments and succeed in your career. Many students and educators view study skills as remedial — skills that should be learned only to remedy a learning deficiency; however, this could not be … [Read more...]

Put me in coach I’m ready to lead

On the television show “Married...With Children” Ed O’Neill played the role of Al Bundy. Al was a hapless shoe salesman who always reflected back to his glory days when he played high school football for Polk High. If you were a fan of the show, you certainly remember Al’s #33 jersey and his tall tales of scoring 4 touchdowns in one game. Sometimes I feel a bit like Al because I often talk of my own high school baseball career, but not for any specific positive reasons. I was one of three … [Read more...]

Emerging Trends – Non-traditional MBA Careers

Whether out of necessity or out of personal interest, these days MBA graduates are deviating from their old career paths and opting for careers that are non-traditional for them. The following post explores the domain of non-traditional MBA careers. Read on to know more. Shifting MBA Careers It might come as a surprise, but as a degree, MBA is highly flexible and it creates opportunities for students from all kinds of backgrounds. Whether you plan to opt for a traditional MBA career or go … [Read more...]

How Important is That Internship?

When you’re already consumed with classes and extracurricular activities, adding an internship might seem daunting — but for many college students, the benefits of interning far outweigh the costs. By taking an intern-level position in your desired career path, you can gain real-life experience to round out your college degree, not to mention make connections that may serve you well when school ends. Just how much do internships matter to the college experience? What can you expect to gain? To … [Read more...]

4 Tips for managing your money in college

Living on campus is a blast. You get to meet new people, you’re always close to your classes, even on the farthest end of the school, and the essentials of basic living are right at your fingertips. However, at some point, you’ll move off campus. Whether it’s cheaper or you just want the freedom that comes along with your own place, either way you’re going to need to learn how to manage your money so when you do go wild with your paychecks, you don’t feel the hurt as bad. What are a few … [Read more...]

Does an online degree help or hurt your chances of getting a job?

With job prospects becoming increasingly bleak, many students are turning to online education to increase their individual marketability. The only question is whether this additional online education is bolstering or stifling their chances of getting a better job. Do traditional degrees hold more weight in hiring sessions than those received online? The answer lies in determining the qualifications that online schools possess, whether online education provides mastery and whether human resource … [Read more...]

6 Tips to Staying Motivated While Suffering from Senioritis

You have been in school for sixteen or more years and can no longer grasp the concept of being a student, you have the constant urge to skip class, study less and go out more, you’re probably suffering from the common virus that tackles students during their last year of college known as “senioritis.” The end of your undergraduate career is so close, but at the same time so far away. Before you let senioritis get the best of you, read these six tips that will help you overcome this … [Read more...]

10 Online Resources To Help Prepare For Final Exams

The very aim of going to school for every student is to study and pass the exams, this said, exam time can be the most stressing period for any student. However, the level of stress is depend upon how well or not they are prepared. Studying for exams in advance gives the student confidence as the exam time approaches. In actual fact the importance of being well prepared in advance cannot be over emphasized. Sometimes it becomes tough for a student to find reading material that has relevant … [Read more...]

Get tech-savvy as soon as you get to college

It's okay to enter college clueless. Nearly all of us do, and it's fun to start with a clean slate. But by the time you leave after 2-4 years, you better have your wits about you. The job market is tight and absolutely must possess skills that translate to a professional setting. So, where do you start? Perhaps the best starting point to your career and future success is to work on becoming totally tech-savvy in college. This means developing a keen understanding of technology, and knowing … [Read more...]

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