January 20, 2018

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Setting Ground Rules for Roommate Success

By Melisa Figueroa They say that roommates are the luck of the draw even with people you know. Some situations are picture-perfect, while others are less than desirable. There are some that start out great but turn sour, and others that start out rocky but turn into lifelong friendships. The key to success is keeping a balance of fairness and friendship to ensure that your apartment will stay a peaceful and positive place for all. Living with people who aren’t your family can be eye … [Read more...]

Striking a Balance Between School, Work and Having a Social Life

If anyone asked me the key to success in college, the answer would be, balance. Sadly, I didn’t learn to balance the personal, work, and school areas of my life until my junior/senior year. Success in college is not solely contingent upon being smart. There are many “smart” people who don’t do well in a university atmosphere. College is about prioritizing and time management. If you can get those key components of adulthood mastered, you will do well not only in college, but you will do well in … [Read more...]

From Intern to CEO: How Internships Can Help You Climb The Career Ladder

If you’ve ever applied for a job, one of the first things you probably look at are the job qualifications. The biggest road block for many current college students and recent college grads can be: experience required. Now you’re caught between a rock and a hard place because it seems as though it get experience, you have to have experience. And unless your father owns Apple or you’re best friends with Taylor Swift, it is next to impossible to get a job in this day in age with little to no … [Read more...]

The Early Bird Gets the Worm: Start Preparing for Success Early

A wise man named once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” This wise man was named Benjamin Franklin, and I truly believe he was spot on. It’s too common for college students, and I was not an exception, to procrastinate certain procedures and actions that could contribute to future success. By starting the actions (listed below) early on in college, you will not only have more money in your pocket during college, but you will also be better prepared once you … [Read more...]

Job hunt: Acing the phone interview in four easy steps

Modern technology has allowed us to communicate with one another no matter how far away we might be, which has changed the way we conduct both personal and professional interactions. But as a college student just entering, or re-entering, the workforce, don’t assume that tech-savvy will be enough to perform well in a phone interview. In the professional realm, interviewing by telephone or video conferencing is almost as common as traditional in-person interviews because it saves time and money … [Read more...]

5 Things You Need to be a Successful Biology Major

A degree in biology opens up many opportunities in the job market as well as post graduate studies. One of the best ways to ensure success is to be prepared. Here are a few ideas of things that are essential for optimum performance in biology courses. Strong Vocabulary Biology classes are full of subject specific vocabulary and science terminology that can be challenging for a new student. It is important that you are not intimidated by words you may not know. Take time to look up the … [Read more...]

How to Get Rid of Your Student Loan Burden

Not everyone at university is fortunate enough to have their parents pay for their tuition. For those who don’t have this privilege, there is the option of a student loan. However, student debt incurred by a loan is becoming a serious problem in United States and in other countries. Like millions of American homeowners who found themselves trapped in houses they couldn’t afford, college graduates got entangled into a bubble of their own. Many who took this gamble find themselves burdened with … [Read more...]

The Journey to Law School: 4 Major Paths to a Law Degree

Anyone who is considering law school should be very careful when selecting an undergraduate major. The subject that one studies in his first four years of college will prepare him for the significant demands of law school. Let's take a look at the top 4 college degrees that will make the transition to law school as seamless as possible. Political Science Political Science is one of the most common undergraduate degrees for those who move on to law school. This major teaches students about the … [Read more...]

Survival of the Fittest: Tips for Freshmen:

Once you are off to college you have now officially started your journey towards becoming an independent adult. As a young and inexperienced adult, you will soon learn that the ‘real’ world has numerous demands that you need to juggle and balance. There is no longer anyone there to tell you exactly what to do in every situation, there is no one to remind you of your responsibilities or to tell you when to stop fooling around and start studying for exams. All of this will now be your … [Read more...]

Staying safe and healthy on campus

Helping your students get ready for college living in an innovative/interactive way Crime happens everywhere even on college campuses. As a leader, make your students aware of the common threats in the college environment. Also, while some exam stress is normal there are ways to combat excessive stress students experience while test taking. Below are suggestions you can give them. Campuses Are Not Free of Criminals Students often think campuses are safer places and as a result do not take … [Read more...]

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