February 20, 2018

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Rick Sherréll is the Blogitor (Blog Editor) here at CampusTalkBlog and agent for the college speakers at Pro Speakers Bureau. In his entrepreneurial life he has been a writer, editor, speaker, trainer, marketer, coach, IT specialist, consultant, event planner, broadcaster, fundraiser and innovator. Find out more at www.RickSherrell.com and www.ProSpeakersBureau.com/about.

You could catch this on your next date

One out of four of the college students reading this post has a sexually transmitted disease - which pretty much means there's a good chance you could catch one on your next date! I know that sounds shocking, but as they say... "you can't make this stuff up!" OnlineColleges.net recently shared with me this educational infographic they've just released, taking a closer look at Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) on College Campuses. They're not making this stuff up! The statistics are … [Read more...]

7 ways to turn your campus speaker into a promotional machine

Because your students sit in classes much of the day, attracting a crowd to your lecture or speaker-based event can pose an extra challenge for your campus activities board. Whether you're on the student activities staff or you're a volunteer student leader you can use all the help you can get to make your events worth the fees most college speakers charge. Even facing this challenge, most activities boards overlook the most qualified expert on their team - THE SPEAKER themselves! Believe it … [Read more...]

Contact these people to pack the house at your next campus event

It can be hard to get students to come to a speaker-based event - no matter how well you've planned it. You've got to overcome that fact that they've been sitting in class all week and WILL NOT come to another boring lecture. First, don't pick a boring speaker and secondly, making sure EVERYONE on campus and around town knows about your event can have a huge impact on the attendance. Consider adding these to your Campus Activities Board contact list to help you spread the word. Student … [Read more...]

They say… 2 million adults over 40 are in college…

The number of college  students aged 40 to 64 has nearly reached the two million mark. That's an increase of almost 20% in the last decade according to a 2007 survey by U.S. News and World Report. Lifelong Learners - that's the term you'd have to apply to 40+ adults who are attending a class, taking self study courses or engaged in some type of learning including training and basic  education offered outside traditional higher  education, such as distance or online learning. If we count all … [Read more...]

6 teamwork tips for leading student activities

Working in campus activities, when the outcome is on you, you might feel pulled in a thousand directions dealing with all the details, disruptions, headaches and nightmares of your next campus event. Dealing with the details is necessary, but I'm sure you can do without the 'disruptions, headaches and nightmares' part. Instead, I suggest you go for teamwork, smooth sailing, and 'a good time was had by all.'  You do that by grabbing the leadership bull by the horns and making sure your team … [Read more...]

Start the buzz with a campus activities ‘marketing street team’

If your Campus Activities Board doesn't have a Marketing Street Team - form one now! With every campus event they should hit the ground running - and I do literally mean get their feet out on the streets of your campus and your community and make sure EVERYBODY knows. Your street team's job is to spread the word, start the chatter, stir up the buzz, get everybody talking and make sure you can't go anywhere without knowing about this event. Pick some people for your street team who are … [Read more...]

Tell ’em, tell ’em, and tell ’em again for a successful campus event

In the speaking business there's a school of thought that says you always tell your audience everything three times. How do you do that without being redundant? 1) You tell 'em what you're gonna tell 'em 2) You tell 'em, and 3) You tell 'em what you told 'em! No, that's not just a clever line in a movie or the punchline to a joke. It really works when you want to drive home your message and make it stick. If you have access to a student email list on your campus, you can put this same … [Read more...]

More than one way to cut the cost of bringing a speaker to your campus

Every CAB in the land is looking for ways to stretch the student activities budget to its limits. As the country goes, so goes the campus. Believe it or not, your speaker can help. By coordinating a few things in advance and taking a few minutes to work with the speaker or their rep, you might be able to cut a pretty sweet deal. Try throwing a few of the ideas below into your standard negotiations and over the course of a budget year you'll see the difference. Book waaaay in advance - The … [Read more...]

8 Ways – including bribery – to get faculty support for your campus events

One way to really rev up your next campus event is to get as much support from faculty as you can!  If the topic of your guest lecturer or the theme of your event matches an area of interest for them, you can really be in luck. They'll pull out the stops to help you spread the word and get people to attend. I'm sure your activities board usually expends lots of effort trying to get students to attend, but what if you got professors, staff and advisers totally on board?! Break down some … [Read more...]

They say… Developmental education classes rank among the top 5

THEY... are the National Center for Educational Statistics. According to their stats, across the nation more and more students are taking Developmental Education classes and some colleges are now reporting Developmental Education Departments in their Top 5. What this means is that more and more students are entering college unprepared. To break it down - they have trouble with their basic readin’, ’riting, and ’rithmetic! According to the Lumina Foundation nearly one-third of first-year … [Read more...]

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