January 20, 2018

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We read. We listen. We research. We ask the experts. We share. We wish you success.

The Importance of Writing Skills: Online Tools to Encourage Success

Nowadays, the internet is a wide place that people from all over the world communicate and share their feelings, statuses, current dilemmas and bright ideas. The cyber world has given way to a forum of ideas and dreams and goals that individuals from around the globe convey to their fellow human beings. However, it is through the medium of writing that these people are conveying their thoughts and experiences and this is why people should have good writing skills. The writer for your paper must … [Read more...]

The Pros and Cons of Living Off Campus in College

One of the first decisions every incoming freshman has to make is where to live. Thankfully, your options are pretty limited if mom and dad don’t live within a few miles of campus. You can either opt to bunk down in a dorm or a step into the “real world” by settling into your first apartment. Continued structure Not every student is ready to take life by the horns, cast off all support systems and live the life of freedom afforded by moving into his or her own apartment. Leaving the folks and … [Read more...]

5 Money Rules Every Young Adult Should Live By

Before you moved out of your parents' house, managing money probably wasn’t a priority; after all, your parents made sure you were taken care of. Now, it’s up to you to manage the funds from your paycheck to meet your basic needs. If not, you could find yourself hungry or buried in a mountain debt. Here are some financial habits you should grasp sooner than later to achieve financial freedom: 1. Begin with the end in mind If you want to move into a more spacious apartment or trade in that … [Read more...]

How Wise Are We With Money? (infographic)

The editors at Online Accounting Degrees decided to research the topic of: Dollars and Sense: How Wise Are We With Money? What stood out to us the most as it affects college students were a few things. 1) Only 3 states requires high school courses devoted to personal finance. Can you guess which ones?, 2) 81 percent of teens don't have a checking account and 65% don't even know how to balance a checkbook. And 3) 57 percent of parents with kids in high school or college give schools below average … [Read more...]

Take These 5 Steps Now to Prepare for a Career in Football

To kick off a regular season, each NFL team has to trim down to 53 players — but if you're seeking a job in football, you don't have to make the roster to work for the team. The NFL has been dramatically expanding its staff size in recent years, from 1,403 employees in 2009 to 1,858 in 2013, according to the Sports Business Journal. This includes workers from the league office, certain game-day operations, NFL Films and the NFL Network. Of course, each of the league's 32 teams has its own … [Read more...]

Student’s Guide to Accommodation in the UK

Many people first leave their family and live away from home when they go to university. It’s a big change, and some people can get a little worried. This is a quick guide to accommodation at university and what you can expect to ensure nothing comes as a shock. Types of Accommodation Halls of Residence - Particularly popular with freshers, halls of residence are a great way to meet lots of new friends either in your flat or the many flats within the block. A room in halls may be … [Read more...]

Successful on the job training (OJT) for students

On the job training is an opportunity to take a glimpse into the world of business. If you've been in school for years, this first glimpse can show you how a business is run, what workers are like and how they are perceived by their peers. If you look closely enough, you will notice important factors that make some people stand out above others. Be punctual Remember when mom dragged you out of bed pointing out that you'd be late? Now it is actually really important to take heed of her advice. … [Read more...]

Unique Ways to Stay Fit at School and Avoid the Freshman 15

It's the elephant in the college dorm room. The phenomenon whispered about between classes in the hall. Some first-year students think it's just an urban legend, until it happens to them. It is the most feared and dreaded phrase uttered on college campuses throughout the country: The Freshman 15. It's that 15 pounds that suddenly materializes, seemingly out of thin air, and attaches itself to your midsection and thighs. A baffling mystery, it can attack any unsuspecting college student during … [Read more...]

3 Tips for a Smooth Transition to College

Heading off to college is a life-changing transition into adulthood. You have a lot to consider—from choosing where to go and deciding on a major to picking classes, a dorm room and a roommate who doesn't drive you bonkers. Then you'll have internships and jobs to consider. Avoid getting overwhelmed by making a plan on how to not only survive but thrive in college. Here's where to start. Picking a Major Many students already know what they want to major in, while others only have a vague idea … [Read more...]

5 Ways for Business Majors to Get a Competitive Edge After Graduation

Business majors rank at the top of the list for most popular majors among college students, according to the National Center for Education Statistics, and competition in the job market is fierce. Keep learning after college so you can skyrocket your career to success. Here are five ways to keep your skills sharp: Strategically volunteer Volunteering can open up opportunities to learn new skills, polish your resume and build your network. Giving back to the community can help you grow as a … [Read more...]

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