January 22, 2018

Be clear about who you are and honest about what you want

Felicia Harlow - Be Honest

Have you ever heard the phrase “honesty is the best policy?” Where did that phrase come from? I mean, there are so many situations that clearly reveal that honesty will either hurt or destroy the relationship! For instance, you were out with friends at a campus event and met this really nice guy who made you feel like no other person ever has. In fact, he made you feel so much better about yourself than your current partner (who you’ve mutually agreed to be in a committed relationship with). So, because you are charmed by the wonderful attention that you are receiving, you decide that you want to see him again. And he really gets how much you are attracted to him so he asks you out on a date. You say “yes” without even thinking about your current committed relationship. You return home that night feeling like you just met THE perfect person for you! The next day, you realize what you’ve done and now must decide to either tell your current partner about it or explore the possibility with the other guy and “see where it leads to.”

So, what would YOU do?

If “honesty IS the best policy,” why do so many of us think we have to “fib” a little or not share the whole truth in various situations? Well, it probably stems from one of the following scenarios:

  • You’ve been shunned by someone when you told the truth and it made you feel wrong or ashamed for thinking differently
  • You want to be nice and not hurt the other person’s feelings
  • You want be in control of the situation
  • You don’t want to look like you don’t “have it all together”
  • You want to play it safe

Well, when it comes to being honest about what you want, it is the KEY to opening the doors of courage. Honest, conscious communication requires a lot of courage and vulnerability. And someone else’s truth may not align with yours because we each think, feel, and act in our own unique way. And that is OK. “Living a Growth in Motion™!! lifestyle” requires that we dig deep inside ourselves and not be afraid to learn as we experience life along the way. This nurtures self care, self empowerment, self knowledge, and self direction.

Growth in Motion™!! = Self Care + Self Empowerment + Self Knowledge + Self Direction

Remember, personal boundaries take shape and naturally form as we get clear about who we are and honest about what we want.

Take Care of Yourself,
♥ Felicia
“Living a Growth in Motion™ lifestyle!”

About the Author: Felicia Harlow (43 Posts)

Felicia Harlow, the Heart Ecologist, Life Coach, & College Speaker, teaches women and students how to empower themselves through self care, heart awareness, and self direction. She encourages students to embrace her 4 step Growth in Motion Process™, starting with the Growth in Motion Oath™ and applying it by living a Growth in Motion lifestyle! Felicia is available to speak at campus events year round to help BRING BALANCE TO YOUR STUDENTS LIVES.

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