January 20, 2018

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From Intern to CEO: How Internships Can Help You Climb The Career Ladder

If you’ve ever applied for a job, one of the first things you probably look at are the job qualifications. The biggest road block for many current college students and recent college grads can be: experience required. Now you’re caught between a rock and a hard place because it seems as though it get experience, you have to have experience. And unless your father owns Apple or you’re best friends with Taylor Swift, it is next to impossible to get a job in this day in age with little to no … [Read more...]

Six questions to assist in grad school preparation

Planning to attend graduate school next year? Advancing your education involves preparation and a realization of your goals. Here are six questions that you should ask yourself. They can assist you in making the transition and connecting all of the dots. What would I like to pursue? Getting a master’s degree is achieving a specification in a particular discipline—so if, for some reason, you didn't like your undergraduate courses (because you had to take that pesky philosophy class or more … [Read more...]

Job hunt: Acing the phone interview in four easy steps

Modern technology has allowed us to communicate with one another no matter how far away we might be, which has changed the way we conduct both personal and professional interactions. But as a college student just entering, or re-entering, the workforce, don’t assume that tech-savvy will be enough to perform well in a phone interview. In the professional realm, interviewing by telephone or video conferencing is almost as common as traditional in-person interviews because it saves time and money … [Read more...]

The Journey to Law School: 4 Major Paths to a Law Degree

Anyone who is considering law school should be very careful when selecting an undergraduate major. The subject that one studies in his first four years of college will prepare him for the significant demands of law school. Let's take a look at the top 4 college degrees that will make the transition to law school as seamless as possible. Political Science Political Science is one of the most common undergraduate degrees for those who move on to law school. This major teaches students about the … [Read more...]

No One Will Ever Pay To Download Music: TECHNOLOGY

TECHNOLOGY Get a computer and a cell phone. Get e-mail and check it, use it, manage it. Become friendly with the Internet and what it has to offer. Google yourself. Embrace and learn new technologies. Sometimes simple is better. It's never too late to embrace technology with this success advice from my book, "Rock to the Top: What I Learned About Success from the World's Greatest Rock Stars." Listen to the chapter on TECHNOLOGY from the audio version of the book below. TWEET  it … [Read more...]

Five Must Do’s Before You Leave Summer School (Includes Grade-Saving Advice!)

A gigantic bravo to you if you are reading this post and nearing the end of your summer term. Going to school in the summer is awesome and challenging all at the same time. The awesome? You racked up some additional credits. The challenging? You had to miss some hours of sunshine, pool or beach in order to achieve those credits. Now you’re nearing the end and hopefully you have a little time off before fall term. Before you do a college check-out for a few weeks, here are five things to do … [Read more...]

LinkedIn for Success: When You Start to Look for that First Job

“It’s not what you know but who you know.” That’s what I used to joke with the other radio personalities about as we sat backstage at the latest sold out show from the comfort of a VIP area with free food and drinks as well as full access to the stars of the band. Little did I know at the time, how true that phrase really is! Most job offers don’t come from strangers or filling out applications blindly online. They come from recommendations and referrals from people you know or people you … [Read more...]

How Do I Get Better Grades on Discussion Forum Posts?

How many of you out there take classes that require discussion forum posts and responses? Maybe you feel like this student: You think you've done well and then find out that your writing wasn’t strong enough. Dear Chatty Professor, I “beef up” my discussion forum responses as the professor asks, but still not receiving full points. Do you have any additional tips? I definitely have tips! 1. First, ask the prof, “Professor, do you have a sample of what you consider to be an ideal post? It … [Read more...]

Take These 5 Steps Now to Prepare for a Career in Football

To kick off a regular season, each NFL team has to trim down to 53 players — but if you're seeking a job in football, you don't have to make the roster to work for the team. The NFL has been dramatically expanding its staff size in recent years, from 1,403 employees in 2009 to 1,858 in 2013, according to the Sports Business Journal. This includes workers from the league office, certain game-day operations, NFL Films and the NFL Network. Of course, each of the league's 32 teams has its own … [Read more...]

8 Tips for Starting a Successful Career Journey

In everyone’s life there’s a moment when the yesterday student graduates from his alma mater and starts thinking over what to do in his future life. It’s nearly impossible to find the college graduate who wouldn’t be dreaming about a successful career. Of course, there are no universal formula for success, but there are several major rules that can help you to achieve desired career heights if followed. So, if you are aimed at becoming the CEO or something one day, keep in mind the … [Read more...]