February 20, 2018

Enhance your career prospects with co- and extra-curriculars

Sometimes in college, the process of getting a degree can seem plodding and ineffective. Many students passionate and eager to get started in their professions can become frustrated when they're forced to sit in a classroom absorbing materials that don't relate to their desired field of employment. It's easy to view these students as slackers, but in reality they're very motivated individuals who want to pursue their dreams in a different way. While a college degree is an important asset that … [Read more...]

4 Lifelong benefits of participating in student activities

It can be tempting when juggling a hectic schedule to take your classes, do your homework and not participate in what your college has to offer. This is especially true when pursuing a graduate degree such as a learning design and technology masters, when you may be living off-campus and employed full-time. However, devoting a few hours every day or even just every week to participate in student activities can help you achieve your student learning outcomes (SLOs), the overall goals for your … [Read more...]

10 Ways your Co-curricular Activities can Lead to Post-college Success

Keeping your grades up and keeping your nose in the grindstone is important for every graduate but it’s not the only thing that ensures post-college success. More colleges are focusing on the all-round growth of a student where you have the chance to excel inside as well as outside the classroom. To some co-curricular activates seem like a distraction from course work and an unnecessary one at that but others find it essential to stay active in various clubs and after school programs. Here … [Read more...]

Get tech-savvy as soon as you get to college

It's okay to enter college clueless. Nearly all of us do, and it's fun to start with a clean slate. But by the time you leave after 2-4 years, you better have your wits about you. The job market is tight and absolutely must possess skills that translate to a professional setting. So, where do you start? Perhaps the best starting point to your career and future success is to work on becoming totally tech-savvy in college. This means developing a keen understanding of technology, and knowing … [Read more...]

Studying Abroad? Travel Tips for Students

Of all the opportunities college brings, the chance to immerse yourself in another culture with very few strings attached stands out. When else will you have the freedom to leave almost everything behind to live, study and even work in a foreign country for weeks or even months? Not that it's as easy as simply signing up for your school's next study abroad session! Even an international vacation requires plenty of forethought – and cash – so prepare yourself to do some serious planning long … [Read more...]

Dave Kelly’s Top 10 Absolute Promises

"When you book me on your campus as a student leadership or community service speaker, here’s what you get…" COLLEGE SPEAKER SPOTLIGHT 1. No diva behavior! I promise to be the easiest speaker/artist you will ever work with. My technical needs are simple: a power point projector, screen, and a microphone. I will bring my own laptop or use yours, it does not matter to me. Dependent upon the size of the group and/or the venue, I may not even need the microphone. A little water and I am … [Read more...]

Opportunities for Active Learning both Inside and Outside the Classroom

When it comes to education, the most important thing to remember is that you study for you and you alone. Not for your parents, and, God forbid, not for your tutors. You study for yourself, and today responsibility for quality of your education belongs solely to you. In 1991, Bonwell and Eison first brought up the concept of ‘active learning’. What are its main milestones? Collaborative work and team play between students and teachers, group discussions, analysis of case studies, co-learning, … [Read more...]

Co-curricular activities, learning outside the classroom and student success

Some of the best time that students spend is participating in co-curricular activities. I use CO-curricular, because the things that students can be involved in through activities outside the classroom can supplement what they learn inside the classroom. My own leadership experiences in clubs and organizations as a student involved in activities outside the classroom were some of the best times of my life. I had fun, I learned so much, and I got to try things and even make mistakes when the … [Read more...]

Six strategies for capitalizing on student learning opportunities

The college experience is full of numerous learning opportunities in and out of the classroom that undergraduate students should take full advantage of. While book learning is important, there are also other avenues in which students can gain direct work-world experience and list on a resume. Here are some strategies for capitalizing on student learning opportunities in college. 1. Faculty Research Professors normally participate in conducting research and publish articles in professional … [Read more...]

6 Ways To Get More Experience Outside Of The Classroom

While education is one of the most important steps in furthering yourself as a person, it is but a mere stepping stone for the rest of your life. It gives you just enough of an education to begin tackling the problems in a given field. Experience is a more difficult form of education that can only be obtained through doing. This makes it both incredibly valuable and difficult to acquire. Let's examine six ways that you get more experience outside of the classroom. 1. Work as an … [Read more...]