February 20, 2018

Parents' Perspective

I’ve found that navigating my life as a first-time college mom (my oldest is in her second year at Georgia College and State University) along with three elementary-aged children can be a bit surreal and a whole lot hectic. It presents a variety of challenges and triumphs, which I’ll reveal here. You'll get to know me and my college student as well as get a bunch of information from our CTB experts and other resources that I come across in my day-to-day dealings. My hope is that posting my experiences will be helpful, informative and entertaining… If my college student survives my crazy, first-time college parenting then I know my parent's perspective is worth sharing. Let me know what you think in the comments – if for nothing else, but to make me believe I'm not talking to myself.

Petula Wright
First-time College Mom

Is It Really Like “Animal House”? What to Do When Your Kid Joins the Greek Life

So, your son or daughter says they're going Greek at college this year, and the first thing that comes to mind is the movie "Animal House." Pop culture doesn't exactly represent the Greek system in the most positive light, so outsiders might not realize that it's not all about partying and being popular. According to a study conducted by researchers at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, 85 percent of Fortune 500 executives were a part of Greek life, and college graduation rates are 20 … [Read more...]

Take the hassle out of moving in or moving out

I remember the day I helped Amber, my oldest daughter, move into her first college dorm. It was a lot of work and it was really hot. The university she attended at the time (Amber has since transferred from Georgia College to be closer to home) was fairly organized with students showing up at pre-determined times, signing in and moving their belongings into their suites. Moving is one of my least favorite things to do and I wish I had been able to enlist help. That would have made me one happy … [Read more...]

An Interview with Amber (our most-talked-about college student at Campus Talk Blog)

It dawned on me that I spend so much time talking about Amber, but you don’t get to hear too many things in her exact words. With her never-ending support (so true!) and her extreme enthusiasm at doing this (semi true!), I am super excited to share Amber’s thoughts on being a college student. The Q&A session with Amber was really a lot of fun, and I want to encourage other parents to ask these questions of their college students. Although Amber and I are very close there were still a few … [Read more...]

Higher education and selfless acts of community service

I'm a firm believer in college students being involved on their campuses with organizations, study groups and extracurricular activities. I also believe they should take the opportunities to study overseas, get part-time jobs and participate in internships. Some people may think college students are busy enough so they don't need any additional activities, but those activities hold a two-fold function: 1) Gaining "world" knowledge and experiences as well as 2) Learning selflessness. It's the … [Read more...]

Science, math, a kick in the butt and entrepreneurialism

Ever since my oldest daughter was in middle school (and probably younger) she has wanted to be a pediatrician. I, of course, have been supportive of this career choice, but one thing I have also encouraged is a thought pattern toward being a business owner. For me, that means encouraging Amber to obtain her medical degree and also pursue opening her own practice. This isn’t a new “lecture” that I’ve given; I’ve been trying to get her to think more businesslike for as long as I can remember. … [Read more...]

What to do when your student doesn’t come home for the holidays

This Christmas will only be the second one that I've spent without my oldest daughter Amber. I've known for about the past four months that she plans on going to Texas because her oldest sister is having a baby around Christmas Day. As the day approaches I feel more and more dread about her Christmas-time absence... Over the past 19 and a half years we've established traditions that have not only solidified our relationship but that we really look forward to each year. Honestly, the holiday … [Read more...]

What… No health insurance coverage for my college student?

One of the goals at CampusTalkBlog is to provide you with information that is going to help, inspire and encourage you. There’s an addition to that goal in my little portion of the blog here at Parents' Perspective and that’s to give you bits and pieces of myself so you can learn from me and feel a certain kinship. Some of my experiences as a first-time college mom, and a parent in general, are rather personal. They are things that I don’t normally share with everyone especially my blogosphere … [Read more...]

A student’s emotional health should be part of the education process

This may be a bit off the beaten path, but I don't think it makes the subject any less relevant. And I know Millicent St. Claire will agree. More about her in a minute. I believe that in order to have any measure of success one of the things that should to be in order is your emotional state and, oftentimes, that state isn't given as much attention as other areas. For instance, individuals spend a lot of time and attention on their physical appearance, on their intellect and other areas, but … [Read more...]

Spring Break – an opportunity for adventure, impact and even more learning

Most college students have already experienced their Spring Break, but I – as a first-time college mom – believe planning is one of the keys to enjoying a vacation and if you didn’t enjoy this one then you start planning the next one now. Let me tell you why this is on my mind. Georgia College and State University students had their break this past week. About halfway through the week, after realizing my daughter wasn’t having a Spring Break to remember, I asked her, “Does your school arrange … [Read more...]

Your student can be your Facebook friend

When I comment on my daughter’s Facebook page my friends are amazed. When we share our feelings or encouragement for each other on our walls, I see comments telling Amber, my daughter, to spy on their children or relaying how sweet we are. They say their children won’t accept their friendships on social networks. I’m somewhat amazed by this, but over the years – after talking to my own teenager daughter about her friends’ relationships with their parents – I’ve realized that my relationship … [Read more...]