February 20, 2018

Study Smarter

Did you know you have a memory personality?

Still having trouble remembering things? It might help if you knew your 'Memory Personality.' The concept of Memory Personality isn't totally new, but right now I'm working with neuroscientists to test, verify and document the theories I've developed out of my years of teaching memory skills to students and executives across the globe and not being able to reach everybody. Some were getting it and some just weren't! When teaching a memory technique and using things like memory pegs, it's easy … [Read more...]

What It Takes to be a High Achieving Honor Student

High Achieving Honor Student. What do you think of when you hear that? You probably don't immediately think of an online student who is training for a marathon, working full-time as a Director of Finance and Brand Marketing, as well as being a full time tutor for a 9th grader… and all on top of that being a family man. However, that is what I think of because it’s what I’m living right now. That is my life, and I wouldn't change it for anything. In order to be able to achieve all these … [Read more...]

Study Smarter by Knowing Your Memory Mode

Students I meet on campuses across the country and around the world are always looking for new and better ways to do better on tests. One way I’ve discovered they can do this is by understanding the Memory Mode and how the brain triggers long term memory. When I teach my Memory Workshops we start by comparing Memory Modes to Learning Styles (audio, visual, kinesthetic) to help students see the difference and to understand that their memory mode is not a learning style but is a tool the brain … [Read more...]

Avoid tunnel vision for a faster read

Want to know the main reason that most people are reading at a much slower pace than they should be? They get tunnel vision! When reading, our eyes get a workout, moving fast and taking in all the information. As our eyes move faster they become stressed and the muscles fight against each other, leading to eyestrain, fatigue, and even headaches in some cases. It's at this fatigued stage that your vision becomes more 'tunneled' and as a result it takes more time to cover the same amount of … [Read more...]

The Competitive Edge – Knowing How to Learn

Today’s education system very much benefits the rich and hurts the poor – and that’s a problem the way I see it. It’s the wealthy student that gets the chance to have tutors and the extra time and strategies and extra resources. But the education system of the future is heading towards a more self-directed learning model – and that’s a good thing. My overall vision is that education is something that you do for your whole life and not just something you do in school. Taking the skillset of … [Read more...]

Tech tools for college writing, research, data and charts

When students surf the Web, they will probably find countless applications that are purported to help them. In many cases, this software is hardly useful, although it is usually expensive. However, you shouldn't suppose that none of these programs warrant attention. There are numerous tools that can assist you with plagiarism checking, writing, editing, or doing research including college research paper writing services of A-GRADE quality. Making Writing Academic Papers Easier First of all, … [Read more...]

Tips for Taking the GRE While You Are Still in College

The Graduate Record Exam (GRE) is the aptitude test students take before graduate school. Almost all graduate school programs require students to take this exam. You will probably need to take the exam while you are still working on your undergraduate degree if you plan to enroll in graduate school the following fall. Taking the GRE can be stressful, but you should be able to excel if you prepare properly. Almost 700,000 students take it every year. The majority of them are still in college … [Read more...]

Avoid being guilty of student plagiarism

Plagiarism is one of the biggest issues affecting modern schooling and academics, and the damages it can cause should never be underestimated. It is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as ‘the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own , and this definition means that it is not just copying and pasting, but anything taken as someone else’s work and presented as your own, in original or modified form, that can constitutes plagiarism. This article … [Read more...]

How To Use Your Smartphone Like A Smart Student

Smart devices are becoming a basic necessity among university students. According to a 2012 OnlineColleges’ data, 45% of college students use a smartphone to complete their homework and term papers. However, merely connecting to the Internet doesn’t make anyone a smart device user. For incoming freshman or returning students this fall, here are five effective solutions for using your cellular device smartly: 1. Maximize The Digital Schedule One of the most useful built-in features of a mobile … [Read more...]

Read with your eyes not your lips

When you're in college, before the stress of having to pass mid-term and final exams, there's the stress of having to read volumes of information seemingly equivalent to "War and Peace" and "Atlas Shrugged" combined - and that's just for one class. And of course, if you want to pass the class, understanding what you've read isn't a bad idea either. I teach a Speed Reading Course that doubles your reading speed AND increases your comprehension and although I can't share the whole course in … [Read more...]