March 24, 2017

How College Students Can Protect Themselves from Cybercrime

Fall is a magical time on a college campus. Classes are finally getting interesting, homecoming is over but there is the promise of Halloween right around the corner, and by October, even the freshman are into the swing of things. For most college students, properly protecting yourself from cyber criminals is the last thing on your mind. However, studies show that cyber security is precisely the thing you should be concerned with. According to the Federal Trade Commission, college-aged people … [Read more...]

10 Online Resources To Help Prepare For Final Exams

The very aim of going to school for every student is to study and pass the exams, this said, exam time can be the most stressing period for any student. However, the level of stress is depend upon how well or not they are prepared. Studying for exams in advance gives the student confidence as the exam time approaches. In actual fact the importance of being well prepared in advance cannot be over emphasized. Sometimes it becomes tough for a student to find reading material that has relevant … [Read more...]

Get tech-savvy as soon as you get to college

It's okay to enter college clueless. Nearly all of us do, and it's fun to start with a clean slate. But by the time you leave after 2-4 years, you better have your wits about you. The job market is tight and absolutely must possess skills that translate to a professional setting. So, where do you start? Perhaps the best starting point to your career and future success is to work on becoming totally tech-savvy in college. This means developing a keen understanding of technology, and knowing … [Read more...]

Too busy to go to class? Try an online course.

Today’s college students have a lot to balance. My own students are routinely torn between the demands of part- or full-time jobs, multiple courses, extracurricular activities, internships, and personal obligations. All too often, something’s gotta give—and that usually turns out to be the quality of their school work. For many students, the option to take one or more of their courses online is a solution to the problem of overloaded schedules, because they have more control over when they … [Read more...]

Tech tools for college writing, research, data and charts

When students surf the Web, they will probably find countless applications that are purported to help them. In many cases, this software is hardly useful, although it is usually expensive. However, you shouldn't suppose that none of these programs warrant attention. There are numerous tools that can assist you with plagiarism checking, writing, editing, or doing research including college research paper writing services of A-GRADE quality. Making Writing Academic Papers Easier First of all, … [Read more...]

How to Protect Yourself When Using Campus WiFi

By Cassie Phillips The quality of the campus WiFi connection probably wasn’t part of your criteria when you picked which college you wanted to attend. Yet WiFi is something you use every day on campus. You may have even given your phone, tablet or laptop permission to connect automatically when you’re in the range of the campus network. Unfortunately, that campus WiFi connection could be putting your private information at risk. Do you know how to protect yourself? Dangers of Public … [Read more...]

Be Tech Savvy: Building More Effective Leaders

I know you already know about @groupme!  You probably use it socially all the time, but have you ever considered it as a key communication tool for your organization?  After a conversation with my frat brothers, a college student I mentor, and a few Student Affairs Professionals I have put together a quick list of how @groupme can change your life.....sorta. For those that are unfamiliar, @groupme is an app that allows you to chat, share, and collaborate across platforms. It's not the … [Read more...]

Don’t Call Me Dude.. Not even Professor Dude! In person or in email!

Yesterday in class one of my students said something like, “But dude, didn't Enlightenment ideas take a while to show up in politics?” I said, “Certainly. Though the idea of self-government … Wait a minute. Did you just call me ‘dude’?” I don’t remember what his exact question was; all I heard was “dude.” I told him that if I didn't allow my nephews to call me “dude,” he certainly wasn’t allowed to! Everyone laughed, and I made a small point about proper language usage in class … [Read more...]

Ten Useful Websites for College Students

Whether you are a graduate, an undergraduate or a continuing student, the web is one resource material that you need to familiarize yourself with. The best thing about the World Wide Web is that you can actually find anything that you are looking for whether it is academic related or not. The only catch is that you need to know your way around the internet so that you can make the most of the available resources. The fact that there is a plethora of student dedicated websites available means … [Read more...]

To cheat or not to cheat?: What a dumb question!

Last week I caught a student cheating during an exam. She was using her cell phone to look up answers. When she saw me walking to her, she slyly slipped her phone into her bag, but it was too late. I walked up to her desk, pulled the exam off her desk and pointed to the door. When she met me in the hallway, she feigned shock and denied cheating : “I was texting my boyfriend!” she said, as if that improved her predicament, considering that cell phone use results in immediate expulsion from my … [Read more...]