January 20, 2018

The Importance of Writing Skills: Online Tools to Encourage Success

Nowadays, the internet is a wide place that people from all over the world communicate and share their feelings, statuses, current dilemmas and bright ideas. The cyber world has given way to a forum of ideas and dreams and goals that individuals from around the globe convey to their fellow human beings. However, it is through the medium of writing that these people are conveying their thoughts and experiences and this is why people should have good writing skills. The writer for your paper must … [Read more...]

Best Technology Deals for Students

Nowadays hitting back to school sales is a must for university students, whether they're freshies or gunning for PhDs. College students already drop close to $1,200 on books and supplies every year according to the College Board, and many are footing that bill without help from mom and dad. Luckily the need for brand new backpacks and weighty textbooks is going down as smart pens replace No. 2 pencils. But even so, the latest tech isn't cheap and can even become a real budget buster when a … [Read more...]

To cheat or not to cheat?: What a dumb question!

Last week I caught a student cheating during an exam. She was using her cell phone to look up answers. When she saw me walking to her, she slyly slipped her phone into her bag, but it was too late. I walked up to her desk, pulled the exam off her desk and pointed to the door. When she met me in the hallway, she feigned shock and denied cheating : “I was texting my boyfriend!” she said, as if that improved her predicament, considering that cell phone use results in immediate expulsion from my … [Read more...]

7 Online Platforms to Boost Your Research Skills

Being a college student means you will have to take your studying to a whole other, more serious level. You will be required to write essays and papers that are supported by data and facts, and for that, you will have to conduct a thorough research and rely on scientific publications and journals as your source of information, as opposed to general knowledge and articles that pop up on the first pages of Google Search. However, whether you prefer to search through printed works, or online, … [Read more...]

There’s no hiding from full participation in your online courses

One of my friends once employed a desperate ruse to outsmart her professor. To avoid being called on in class when she had not read the assignment, she pretended to be sick. She covered her face with yellowish liquid make-up and smudged brown eye shadow under her eyes to simulate dark circles. That way, she figured, she would not be marked absent but could just sit in class and not be expected to participate. The ploy worked: not only did the professor not call on her, he demonstrated serious … [Read more...]

Study Smarter, Not Harder! Note-taking Apps for Students

It is painfully obvious to me that most students today have no idea how to take useful class notes. Whenever students struggle in my course, I ask them to make an appointment with me and bring their notebooks, because their note-taking style can usually tell me at least part of the problem. Sometimes this means I see neat, tightly organized notebooks with well-marked tabs and highlights. But that’s rare: Usually I see notebooks that are bursting at the seams with lose papers or covered with … [Read more...]

Tech tools for college writing, research, data and charts

When students surf the Web, they will probably find countless applications that are purported to help them. In many cases, this software is hardly useful, although it is usually expensive. However, you shouldn't suppose that none of these programs warrant attention. There are numerous tools that can assist you with plagiarism checking, writing, editing, or doing research including college research paper writing services of A-GRADE quality. Making Writing Academic Papers Easier First of all, … [Read more...]

Get tech-savvy as soon as you get to college

It's okay to enter college clueless. Nearly all of us do, and it's fun to start with a clean slate. But by the time you leave after 2-4 years, you better have your wits about you. The job market is tight and absolutely must possess skills that translate to a professional setting. So, where do you start? Perhaps the best starting point to your career and future success is to work on becoming totally tech-savvy in college. This means developing a keen understanding of technology, and knowing … [Read more...]

Ten Useful Websites for College Students

Whether you are a graduate, an undergraduate or a continuing student, the web is one resource material that you need to familiarize yourself with. The best thing about the World Wide Web is that you can actually find anything that you are looking for whether it is academic related or not. The only catch is that you need to know your way around the internet so that you can make the most of the available resources. The fact that there is a plethora of student dedicated websites available means … [Read more...]

How College Students Can Protect Themselves from Cybercrime

Fall is a magical time on a college campus. Classes are finally getting interesting, homecoming is over but there is the promise of Halloween right around the corner, and by October, even the freshman are into the swing of things. For most college students, properly protecting yourself from cyber criminals is the last thing on your mind. However, studies show that cyber security is precisely the thing you should be concerned with. According to the Federal Trade Commission, college-aged people … [Read more...]