July 26, 2016

Navigating Mental Illness While in College

Having a mental illness is a tricky thing; it’s even trickier when you’re in college. Not only do you have to worry about having a sometimes-debilitating illness, but you also have to navigate the life of a 20-something in today’s highly stressful world. Mental illness is an umbrella term; a catch-all that covers disorders ranging from obsessive compulsive disorder to schizophrenia. According to the National Alliance on Mental Health, a mental illness is a condition that impacts the way … [Read more...]

They say… Developmental education classes rank among the top 5

THEY... are the National Center for Educational Statistics. According to their stats, across the nation more and more students are taking Developmental Education classes and some colleges are now reporting Developmental Education Departments in their Top 5. What this means is that more and more students are entering college unprepared. To break it down - they have trouble with their basic readin’, ’riting, and ’rithmetic! According to the Lumina Foundation nearly one-third of first-year … [Read more...]

The 5 best stress-busters for a (formerly) stressed out college student

Thousands of bloggers, columnists, self-help experts, and everyday people offer their advice to others on how to stay stress-free at school, work, or just in life. But oftentimes college students may find their tips not practical or relatable—really, what young adult with a five-class course load, a part time job, and any shred of a respectable social life has the time to take a soothing bubble bath and sip wine? Yet college is arguably one of the first most stressful times we experience on … [Read more...]

Get Creative When Communicating With Your Loved Ones Back Home

Sure, you’ve made friends in your dorm, and they seem great so far. But there’s nothing like a smile from your dad that warms your heart and makes you feel fuzzy inside. Being far away from your family doesn’t mean you need to lose the closeness you have with them, it just means you need to get creative with your communication methods. Thanks to technology doing its thing, it’s easier than ever to get some love from back home and to let your people know that, even though you're away, you’re … [Read more...]

Desserts with Hidden Veggies: Help Fight the Freshman 15

School has started and young, fresh faces are appearing all over university campuses. As new kids on the block looking towards a bright future ahead, you’re pumped to rush Greek life, tailgate football games, and ready to swipe that parent-funded dining dollar card to prime your stomachs for long nights filled with cheap Natty Ice beer pong and good times. You only live once right? Live once, but live well by countering the Freshman 15 with the following desserts with hidden veggies. Red … [Read more...]

How College Students Can Protect Themselves from Cybercrime

Fall is a magical time on a college campus. Classes are finally getting interesting, homecoming is over but there is the promise of Halloween right around the corner, and by October, even the freshman are into the swing of things. For most college students, properly protecting yourself from cyber criminals is the last thing on your mind. However, studies show that cyber security is precisely the thing you should be concerned with. According to the Federal Trade Commission, college-aged people … [Read more...]

Get ready for college living in an innovative/interactive way

Your students will have a great time in college, but there will be hurdles to overcome. One of their biggest challenges will be learning how to manage a job and earnings for the first time without parental supervision. Wisdom is the areas of professionalism, budgeting and credit card use is greatly needed. As a counselor you can help shape their financial position if they are willing to learn from your experience. Here are some tips to help you with this. Be Faithful & Professional on … [Read more...]

Striking a Balance Between School, Work and Having a Social Life

If anyone asked me the key to success in college, the answer would be, balance. Sadly, I didn’t learn to balance the personal, work, and school areas of my life until my junior/senior year. Success in college is not solely contingent upon being smart. There are many “smart” people who don’t do well in a university atmosphere. College is about prioritizing and time management. If you can get those key components of adulthood mastered, you will do well not only in college, but you will do well in … [Read more...]

5 Good reasons to join a fraternity

Just about every college campus in America has a Greek system of some kind, better known as fraternities and sororities, exclusive clubs of students with an admissions process, chapters, symbols, secrets and great parties. While sororities have their fair share of fun and scandal, fraternities usually get the most attention due to the problems that have occurred in the past, like hazing and other dangerous incidents. While every organization has a few problems, there are a number of positive … [Read more...]

Rookie Fire Safety Mistakes Most Students Make

If you’re planning on going to college, the thought of living away from home for the first time can be exciting and the first step towards real independence. However, it might come as a shock to you more than you might have initially thought. While it might be nice to get a bit of space from your parents, you’ll need to get used to your parents no longer being around to cook your meals, tidy your room and well, generally take care of you. So a sudden change from a cushy lifestyle at home to … [Read more...]