June 25, 2016

Getting the Most out of Orientation (Part I)

You say someone told you that orientation is not really important and you plan to skip it? Well, before you skip it you might want to consider what you could be missing out on before you decide to skip it. Here are some tips on why you should go to orientation and how to get the most out of it. REASON #1 - Orientation will help you achieve a smooth transition and get familiar with the student support services offered at your school. Have you ever bought a high-tech gadget but you didn’t know … [Read more...]

Get ready for college living in an innovative/interactive way

Your students will have a great time in college, but there will be hurdles to overcome. One of their biggest challenges will be learning how to manage a job and earnings for the first time without parental supervision. Wisdom is the areas of professionalism, budgeting and credit card use is greatly needed. As a counselor you can help shape their financial position if they are willing to learn from your experience. Here are some tips to help you with this. Be Faithful & Professional on … [Read more...]

Striking a Balance Between School, Work and Having a Social Life

If anyone asked me the key to success in college, the answer would be, balance. Sadly, I didn’t learn to balance the personal, work, and school areas of my life until my junior/senior year. Success in college is not solely contingent upon being smart. There are many “smart” people who don’t do well in a university atmosphere. College is about prioritizing and time management. If you can get those key components of adulthood mastered, you will do well not only in college, but you will do well in … [Read more...]

5 Good reasons to join a fraternity

Just about every college campus in America has a Greek system of some kind, better known as fraternities and sororities, exclusive clubs of students with an admissions process, chapters, symbols, secrets and great parties. While sororities have their fair share of fun and scandal, fraternities usually get the most attention due to the problems that have occurred in the past, like hazing and other dangerous incidents. While every organization has a few problems, there are a number of positive … [Read more...]

Rookie Fire Safety Mistakes Most Students Make

If you’re planning on going to college, the thought of living away from home for the first time can be exciting and the first step towards real independence. However, it might come as a shock to you more than you might have initially thought. While it might be nice to get a bit of space from your parents, you’ll need to get used to your parents no longer being around to cook your meals, tidy your room and well, generally take care of you. So a sudden change from a cushy lifestyle at home to … [Read more...]

Budget stretching tips for students: Living better for less

Attending college and being short on cash go hand in hand for many students, but with a bit of wisdom from those who’ve done it before, you can get more bang for your buck. Here are 9 tips for stretching every dollar to maximize its value. Become a rice and ramen connoisseur Rice and ramen noodles are inexpensive, and with some creativity, they become the primary ingredients for a delicious, nutritious and cheap meal. There are loads of good recipes online like the 144 ramen recipes at … [Read more...]

Growing Pains: The Cost of Being Disorganized in College

As South Park's Chef so eloquently uttered, "There's a time and a place for everything, and it's called college." College can be an amazing journey of freedom and self expression. A time of socializing and bonding, with a little studying squeezed in now and again. In fact, it's so wonderful and distracting that it's easy to forget about the big picture when you're emerged in the college experience. Words like "mortgage" and "interest rates" aren't really in your vocabulary when you're having the … [Read more...]

Overcoming First-Year Academic Struggles

The first year of college can be an exciting time for many students. It is often a teenager's first look at real freedom, and a student's first chance to take a step into a wider academic world. Unfortunately, that first year can be fraught with peril - there is a reason, after all, that so many students simply cannot make it past their first two semesters. The foundations for success in college are laid in the first year, and those who are willing to stretch outside their usual practices are … [Read more...]

Preparing Yourself for Your Own Apartment or House

As a campus ambassador for two years at the University of Florida, I believed that the problem that most students had trouble overcoming was their lack of knowledge when it comes to housing. Now, as a graduate of UF and an employee for a local property manager in Gainesville, my suspicious have been confirmed. Every day, I deal with young students who have moved away from home and find themselves facing the culture shock of dealing with your own apartment or house. Lease contracts; separate … [Read more...]

Small Place, Big Space: How To Make The Most of Smaller Living Areas

So, you've arrived at your new college digs with a truck full of stuff and a can-do attitude. The place looks nice on the outside and when you unlock and open the front door, the inside takes your breath away - but not in a good way. "It's tiny!" you exclaim. We've all been there. College is a time when you'll inevitably be dealt the micro-loft apartment, the 400-square-foot studio, or one-room bungalow. But don't despair! The fact is, even the smallest spaces can be perfectly functional … [Read more...]