July 24, 2014

Dumping the Sophomore Slump

Tawan Perry - Sophomore Advice

Congratulations! You have made it to your second year. We’re all excited for you but before we throw you a parade, here are a few tips that will help you get one step closer to your ultimate goal: Graduation. Tip #1: The “game” is faster. Don’t expect the same level of support form the previous year. At most institutions, after one year, your campus fully expects you to have the hang of being a college student. I know this doesn’t seem fair but this is the reality of the situation. The … [Read more...]

5 Survival Tips for Freshers on Campus

Transitioning from high school to life on campus is a daunting proposal for many first-time college students.  In addition to their first experience away from home, college freshmen face a variety of unfamiliar challenges as the make the leap to higher education.  Coursework, for example, is much more difficult than what most students experienced in high school.  And getting accustomed to dorm living tests students' patience and adaptability - often leading to stress and anxiety. Fortunately, … [Read more...]

How Distance Can Actually Improve Your Relationships

Nicole and Danielle - ROADTRIP

Going away to college puts a scary amount of distance between students and everything they have come to know and feel secure about. No longer can we rely on the comforts of home and the familiar faces of everyday life; instead, we have to branch out, try new things, meet new people, and find where we fit in. Amidst all of this, we also have to manage the friendships and relationships from our past. We must remember to call our parents every so often, write on our high school friends’ Facebook … [Read more...]

Offering help when your classmate has a drinking problem


Greek bystander intervention to prevent alcohol abuse. What do you do when you know your fraternity brother or sorority sister may have a drinking problem or is engaged in some form of substance abuse? I think this is one of the toughest and covert issues that college Greek leaders address each year. You don’t want to alienate your troubled Greek member and you don’t want to create mistrust within your college Greek student organization. Here are some tips to assist your fellow Greek before … [Read more...]

They say… Developmental education classes rank among the top 5

They-say-developmental-education-classes-rank-among-the-top-5 - Photo Copyright 2010 Rick Sherrell

THEY... are the National Center for Educational Statistics. According to their stats, across the nation more and more students are taking Developmental Education classes and some colleges are now reporting Developmental Education Departments in their Top 5. What this means is that more and more students are entering college unprepared. To break it down - they have trouble with their basic readin’, ’riting, and ’rithmetic! According to the Lumina Foundation nearly one-third of first-year … [Read more...]

Achieving successful college outcomes through Greek Life

Achieving successful college outcomes through Greek Life

Between sporting events, parties and mixers, you might barely have time to go to class and study once you get to college. All kidding aside, college is a whole new world for the student. There's new opportunities, new people to meet and new groups and clubs you can join to help make your college years a success, both from a personal, academic and professional standpoint. For instance, you can partake in Greek life (i.e., pledging a fraternity or sorority). In all likelihood, not only will this … [Read more...]

Rookie Fire Safety Mistakes Most Students Make

Rookie Fire Safety Mistakes - photo copyright Rick Sherrell

If you’re planning on going to college, the thought of living away from home for the first time can be exciting and the first step towards real independence. However, it might come as a shock to you more than you might have initially thought. While it might be nice to get a bit of space from your parents, you’ll need to get used to your parents no longer being around to cook your meals, tidy your room and well, generally take care of you. So a sudden change from a cushy lifestyle at home to … [Read more...]

Helpful Hints before you make your final college selection

Tawan Perry - Choosing a College

As high school seniors and college transfers are coming into the final stretch of their college selection process I would like to weigh in and offer a few helpful hints that will save you countless dollars as well as heartaches. You can thank me later. Here are four things to think over carefully before making your final decision. Taking the wrong things into consideration in any of these areas could make your next four years miserable... maybe even miserable enough to cut them short. Don't make … [Read more...]

3 Tips for Balancing the Books and the Bar

3 Tips for Balancing the Books and the Bar - photo copyright Rick Sherrell

Turning 21 can be one of the most exciting times during your college career, especially if you’re waiting for the day to legally just enjoy a beer with dinner. This milestone number represents a new found freedom, which can also come with some heavy consequences and choices. While a large majority of students drink underage, once you turn 21 any type of alcohol you desire will be readily accessible at your fingertips at all times. It is an exciting time to be able to legally enter a bar or … [Read more...]

Getting the Most out of Orientation (Part II)

Tawan Perry - Orientation Part 2

In order to get the most out of orientation you must have an open mind. With the right attitude you will be able to listen and absorb all of the information that will be provided to you during orientation. Make sure you arrive prepared with paper and something to write with or record on. You'll receive so much information your brain will be on overload and you'll be able to review your notes later. Be sure to pay close attention to names, buildings and campus resources so you can notate where … [Read more...]