July 6, 2015

Preparing Yourself for Your Own Apartment or House

Preparing Yourself for Your Own Apartment or House - photo copyright Rick Sherrell

As a campus ambassador for two years at the University of Florida, I believed that the problem that most students had trouble overcoming was their lack of knowledge when it comes to housing. Now, as a graduate of UF and an employee for a local property manager in Gainesville, my suspicious have been confirmed. Every day, I deal with young students who have moved away from home and find themselves facing the culture shock of dealing with your own apartment or house. Lease contracts; separate … [Read more...]

3 Registration tips that every student needs to know

Tawan Perry - 3 registration Tips

It’s back to school time and you’re late to register for the upcoming semester. I know you got distracted by Facebook or you were one minute too late before grabbing the class you needed online. Don’t fret; here are some tips that can help give you a smooth registration and maybe grant you access in that class that you need to take this semester. Tip #1 Develop a relationship with your advisor. This sounds simple, right? The truth is that most students are required to meet with their … [Read more...]

Get Connected with these 3 Easy Lessons

Tawan Perry and Mike Weida Connect 5

In a recent engagement at Dutchess Community College in Poughkeepsie, NY the task given to me by Mike Weida, Director of Student Activities, was to help get the students motivated. Whenever I hear that request, my first thought is that if you want to get your students movitaved, get them connected, communicating and out of their ruts! Often times both traditional or non-traditional students become too comfortable. Finding a level of comfort in a new environment is great at first but if “good ole … [Read more...]

Flying Solo: A Basic Plan for When You Leave the Nest

Flying Solo shutterstock_66379981

After four long years of high school, you may or may not be ready to venture out on your own. Joining the ranks of college students after living with all the comforts of home can be quite a rude awakening. But adulthood waits for no one and it's time to begin considering your options and plans for when you move out. There are three basic considerations to take into account as you leave the nest to fly solo: housing, finances and transportation. Finding an Apartment To help adjust to the … [Read more...]

They say… 2 million adults over 40 are in college…

They say 2 million adults over 40 are in college - photo copyright 2011 Rick Sherrell

The number of college  students aged 40 to 64 has nearly reached the two million mark. That's an increase of almost 20% in the last decade according to a 2007 survey by U.S. News and World Report. Lifelong Learners - that's the term you'd have to apply to 40+ adults who are attending a class, taking self study courses or engaged in some type of learning including training and basic  education offered outside traditional higher  education, such as distance or online learning. If we count all … [Read more...]

Staying Safe on Campus: Using Common Sense on a College Campus

Tawan Perry - Be Safe on Campus

If we lived in a perfect world, crimes would never be committed. But since people are imperfect I guess that will never happen. Don’t be fooled into thinking that because you live on a college campus that you or your belongings are 100% safe. The truth is many crimes have the potential to happen on a college campus as anywhere else in the world. If you take the following precautions you can have a much better chance of preventing crime from happening to you. Social media - don’t tell! We live … [Read more...]

Staying safe and healthy on campus

The Road to College Success

Helping your students get ready for college living in an innovative/interactive way Crime happens everywhere even on college campuses. As a leader, make your students aware of the common threats in the college environment. Also, while some exam stress is normal there are ways to combat excessive stress students experience while test taking. Below are suggestions you can give them. Campuses Are Not Free of Criminals Students often think campuses are safer places and as a result do not take … [Read more...]

How to “Get Connected” with your professor

Tawan Perry - Get Connected with your professor - Connect-5

One of the most misunderstood connections is the student and professor relationship. The truth is having good relationships with your professors is the first step to achieving a successful college experience. Here are some tips to help you either build or repair relationships with your professors and make a connection that will help you graduate. Arrange to see them during office hours. That's what those hours are there for. During these times your professor is making him/herself available … [Read more...]

5 Reasons to Attend College Out of State

College is the most unique time in someone’s life. The 4 or 5 years (some take longer which is ok) that you spend at this institution of higher learning will shape the roads you will travel for the rest of your life. The college experience is what you make of it. There are several opportunities to meet new people, learn new things, and develop the necessary skills for a successful career in the field of your choosing. But, does where you attend college actually matter? Students are choosing a … [Read more...]

Where should I live? Things to consider before moving to college

Where should I live - Photo copyright 2012 Rick Sherrell

Choosing the right place to live is an important part of making a smooth transition into college life. On-campus dorms and off-campus apartments and houses all have their pros and cons, so it’s important to take some time to evaluate which option is best for you. Here are some important things to consider before making a decision: Budget: Obviously, the cost of living in dorms, apartments and houses can vary from college to college. Thus, the first step in your decision-making process should … [Read more...]