September 26, 2016

How Distance Can Actually Improve Your Relationships

Going away to college puts a scary amount of distance between students and everything they have come to know and feel secure about. No longer can we rely on the comforts of home and the familiar faces of everyday life; instead, we have to branch out, try new things, meet new people, and find where we fit in. Amidst all of this, we also have to manage the friendships and relationships from our past. We must remember to call our parents every so often, write on our high school friends’ Facebook … [Read more...]

How to handle the move to college

Moving to college is a pretty big deal; you’re saying goodbye to your family home, or at least the home you've known for a while, and moving into a completely unknown environment. You will most likely be sharing a room with someone, negotiating space, and you’ll have to get used to your new surroundings and learn how to budget properly. With all these stresses in mind, you will want to make moving day as easy as possible. If you are moving into an all freshman dorm, there will be a lot of other … [Read more...]

Building a balanced college social life

Helping your students get ready for college living in an innovative/interactive way Many students enter college without adequate preparation. Even with the most supportive parents, counselors and student life leaders, many wonder if they will fit into the college social scene. Others over-commit and find themselves struggling academically because they are pulled in too many directions. You can help your students face their anxieties, find balance and gear up for what can be an exciting college … [Read more...]

You could catch this on your next date

One out of four of the college students reading this post has a sexually transmitted disease - which pretty much means there's a good chance you could catch one on your next date! I know that sounds shocking, but as they say... "you can't make this stuff up!" recently shared with me this educational infographic they've just released, taking a closer look at Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) on College Campuses. They're not making this stuff up! The statistics are … [Read more...]

Helpful Hints before you make your final college selection

As high school seniors and college transfers are coming into the final stretch of their college selection process I would like to weigh in and offer a few helpful hints that will save you countless dollars as well as heartaches. You can thank me later. Here are four things to think over carefully before making your final decision. Taking the wrong things into consideration in any of these areas could make your next four years miserable... maybe even miserable enough to cut them short. Don't make … [Read more...]

College Risks: Far More Than ‘The Freshman Fifteen’

Of all the hazards teens should be warned about before entering college, it’s the freshman fifteen they hear about most often. While proper nutrition and exercise is important, it’s hardly the key information incoming freshmen should be armed with. The first six weeks of freshman year are an incredibly high-risk time for teens, and there are a few dangers they should be prepared to deal with ahead of time. Alcohol Abuse Drinking can be appealing to freshmen — especially binge drinking. … [Read more...]

4 Lifelong benefits of participating in student activities

It can be tempting when juggling a hectic schedule to take your classes, do your homework and not participate in what your college has to offer. This is especially true when pursuing a graduate degree such as a learning design and technology masters, when you may be living off-campus and employed full-time. However, devoting a few hours every day or even just every week to participate in student activities can help you achieve your student learning outcomes (SLOs), the overall goals for your … [Read more...]

Flying Solo: A Basic Plan for When You Leave the Nest

After four long years of high school, you may or may not be ready to venture out on your own. Joining the ranks of college students after living with all the comforts of home can be quite a rude awakening. But adulthood waits for no one and it's time to begin considering your options and plans for when you move out. There are three basic considerations to take into account as you leave the nest to fly solo: housing, finances and transportation. Finding an Apartment To help adjust to the … [Read more...]

Offering help when your classmate has a drinking problem

Greek bystander intervention to prevent alcohol abuse. What do you do when you know your fraternity brother or sorority sister may have a drinking problem or is engaged in some form of substance abuse? I think this is one of the toughest and covert issues that college Greek leaders address each year. You don’t want to alienate your troubled Greek member and you don’t want to create mistrust within your college Greek student organization. Here are some tips to assist your fellow Greek before … [Read more...]

Welcome to College – Six Secrets to School Success

1. Familiarize yourself with all locations you will need to know in your upcoming college life – where you live, where your classes are, how to get back and forth between locations, where to eat, how to find the library, a location for student services – everything that applies to you. Walk/ride all of this now before you actually have to do it. Get lost now when it doesn’t matter so that you don’t do it later when it does matter. 2. Make an appointment early in the semester with each and … [Read more...]