December 21, 2014

DIY Dorm Room Decorating Hacks

DIY Dorm Room Decorating Hacks

Dorm life results when two or more people have to mesh their decorating style without merging their finances because, well, they’re broke! Cramped quarters, weird layouts and limited funds are just a few of the setbacks college students face when moving into a dorm. But if you’re headed back to school this semester, you don’t have to spend a pretty penny to create the room you’ve always wanted. Here’s how: Be Fun and Functional Who says you can’t put up wallpaper? Possibly the RA, and probably … [Read more...]

Achieving successful college outcomes through Greek Life

Achieving successful college outcomes through Greek Life

Between sporting events, parties and mixers, you might barely have time to go to class and study once you get to college. All kidding aside, college is a whole new world for the student. There's new opportunities, new people to meet and new groups and clubs you can join to help make your college years a success, both from a personal, academic and professional standpoint. For instance, you can partake in Greek life (i.e., pledging a fraternity or sorority). In all likelihood, not only will this … [Read more...]

4 Questions to ask yourself between semesters

Tawan Perry - 4 questions between semesters - Connect-5

The semester has come to an end and it’s time to start thinking about next semester. Whether you're burned out from this semester or have had a few weeks to get over it; there are some things to consider as you prepare for next year. Is your schedule realistic? If you have already scheduled your classes for the next quarter or semester, ask yourself this question. Is taking 20 credits and working 20 hours really necessary? What commitments do I need to maintain and what commitments do I just … [Read more...]

Transition from your parent’s house to living on your own

Herb Ammons - College Keynote Speaker

You are just getting to your new school and it's time for you to make responsible choices in your life. One of the first things you can do is to learn how to transition from living at home to living on campus. This is why many universities require living on campus for the first year or two. It is a way to help you move from living under your parent’s roof. This is slowly edging you into the adult world and the reality of taking on more responsibilities. Campus life is the best way to cross … [Read more...]

How to handle the move to college

How to handle the move to college - photo copyright Rick Sherrell

Moving to college is a pretty big deal; you’re saying goodbye to your family home, or at least the home you've known for a while, and moving into a completely unknown environment. You will most likely be sharing a room with someone, negotiating space, and you’ll have to get used to your new surroundings and learn how to budget properly. With all these stresses in mind, you will want to make moving day as easy as possible. If you are moving into an all freshman dorm, there will be a lot of other … [Read more...]

Getting the Most out of Orientation (Part I)

Tawan Perry - Orientation Part 1

You say someone told you that orientation is not really important and you plan to skip it? Well, before you skip it you might want to consider what you could be missing out on before you decide to skip it. Here are some tips on why you should go to orientation and how to get the most out of it. REASON #1 - Orientation will help you achieve a smooth transition and get familiar with the student support services offered at your school. Have you ever bought a high-tech gadget but you didn’t know … [Read more...]

Helpful Hints before you make your final college selection

Tawan Perry - Choosing a College

As high school seniors and college transfers are coming into the final stretch of their college selection process I would like to weigh in and offer a few helpful hints that will save you countless dollars as well as heartaches. You can thank me later. Here are four things to think over carefully before making your final decision. Taking the wrong things into consideration in any of these areas could make your next four years miserable... maybe even miserable enough to cut them short. Don't make … [Read more...]

Start with a roommate agreement so you don’t end in disaster

Tawan Perry - Roommate Agreement - Connect-5

So it’s a new semester and you have a new roommate. You're going to be connected to this person for quite some time, so this time you want to make sure that it will get off to a good start. Based on my own real-world experience, I recommend signing a roommate agreement. First, ask your resident assistant or a staff member in Residence Life to help you create or locate a roommate agreement. The form may be located online or your school may offer a roommate agreement as part of Student Services … [Read more...]

Get Connected with these 3 Easy Lessons

Tawan Perry and Mike Weida Connect 5

In a recent engagement at Dutchess Community College in Poughkeepsie, NY the task given to me by Mike Weida, Director of Student Activities, was to help get the students motivated. Whenever I hear that request, my first thought is that if you want to get your students movitaved, get them connected, communicating and out of their ruts! Often times both traditional or non-traditional students become too comfortable. Finding a level of comfort in a new environment is great at first but if “good ole … [Read more...]

Building a balanced college social life

The Road to College Success

Helping your students get ready for college living in an innovative/interactive way Many students enter college without adequate preparation. Even with the most supportive parents, counselors and student life leaders, many wonder if they will fit into the college social scene. Others over-commit and find themselves struggling academically because they are pulled in too many directions. You can help your students face their anxieties, find balance and gear up for what can be an exciting college … [Read more...]