March 27, 2017

Student Leadership

Small Steps Lead to Great Strides!

Ever since our daughter entered middle school two years ago, my wife and I have been going to the Student Life worship service at our church in order to hear and experience the same message as her. We have some wonderful pastors and a lot of great students involved with the ministry. Each week, a group of high school students lead the music portion of the service with our Student Life music minister. I have seen some of the students start out very timid as performers and then blossom into … [Read more...]

6 teamwork tips for leading student activities

Working in campus activities, when the outcome is on you, you might feel pulled in a thousand directions dealing with all the details, disruptions, headaches and nightmares of your next campus event. Dealing with the details is necessary, but I'm sure you can do without the 'disruptions, headaches and nightmares' part. Instead, I suggest you go for teamwork, smooth sailing, and 'a good time was had by all.'  You do that by grabbing the leadership bull by the horns and making sure your team … [Read more...]

How to Develop Shower, Car Sing Along Confidence: Becoming a More Powerful Leader

That moment when you're in the shower and your favorite song is stuck in your head.  There's nothing like it!  You will hit high notes like Mariah Carey,  sing in perfect bass like that one guy from Boyz II Men, and create your own ad libs like you have been singing since you were  a one-year-old! Or what about when you and a close friend are in the car and your jam comes on?  You sing that song like you are performing at the Grammy's, oblivious to the folks staring at you at the red … [Read more...]

Start the buzz with a campus activities ‘marketing street team’

If your Campus Activities Board doesn't have a Marketing Street Team - form one now! With every campus event they should hit the ground running - and I do literally mean get their feet out on the streets of your campus and your community and make sure EVERYBODY knows. Your street team's job is to spread the word, start the chatter, stir up the buzz, get everybody talking and make sure you can't go anywhere without knowing about this event. Pick some people for your street team who are … [Read more...]

Meeting Icebreaker: Tummy HA HA

I took this video during a leadership retreat for the SGA leaders of four of Valencia Community College's campuses. This is a team building exercise called "Tummy HA HA". The idea is for the members of the team to have a shared experience, something they can relate to later, joke about, etc. This activity also gets the members of the team out of their comfort zone as they get to relate to each other in a close, but non-threatening way. Things can get silly so it is also a good tension breaker. … [Read more...]

7 ways to turn your campus speaker into a promotional machine

Because your students sit in classes much of the day, attracting a crowd to your lecture or speaker-based event can pose an extra challenge for your campus activities board. Whether you're on the student activities staff or you're a volunteer student leader you can use all the help you can get to make your events worth the fees most college speakers charge. Even facing this challenge, most activities boards overlook the most qualified expert on their team - THE SPEAKER themselves! Believe it … [Read more...]

The Five People to Train in Student Leadership Heaven

The title of this blog post is an obvious (or maybe not so obvious) take-off on a popular movie title - "The Five People You Meet in Heaven." But since training student leaders is my own little bit of Heaven I couldn't resist. If I could visit every college campus in the nation and choose who I wanted to train it would be these five people - or groups of people - and here's why. I've been training student leaders for over two decades - and working hard at that 'every college campus in the … [Read more...]

Putting some spring into your campus club recruiting

About a week ago my oldest daughter Amber, who is a freshman at Georgia College and State University, spent a part of her day manning a table for The Catalyst Network at Springfest 2010, a visitation day planned for admitted high school seniors. A little while into her volunteering, Amber sent me a text saying that things were slow and they hadn't seen many students to recruit for the organization. By the end of the day, the group, which is for minority sciences majors, had spoken with about … [Read more...]

Always Pursue Excellence – Even When No One is Looking!

Always pursue excellence – And know for whom you are pursuing it!  Vince Lombardi, the legendary coach of the Green Bay Packers, drove his teams hard and pushed them to pursue excellence. In fact, he wanted them to pursue perfection, even though he recognized that was not achievable. He told them, “Perfection is not attainable. But if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence.” Lombardi led the team to five NFL Championships in seven years, a feat never previously accomplished or since. … [Read more...]

Bigger and Better Leadership with Miracle G.R.O.W.

Whether you are richer or poorer, in the penthouse or the projects, running the yard or getting run off of it, we all want to GROW! As student leaders, we all want bigger and better.  We want better programming, more attendance to meetings, and more recognition on campus.  In order to do bigger and better we have to grow and redefine our student leadership abilities and become more powerful, effective and balanced student leaders. It does not matter if you are working your way back from … [Read more...]