January 18, 2018

Certifying teachers in Farrow Memory Methods

The Farrow Method for Memory and Speed Learning expertly blends together the three core components of Classical Memory Techniques, Farrow Focus Bursts and Current Brain/Neuro Science and delivers information in a way that’s clear and easy to understand. Highly adaptable, the Farrow Method can be used by students aged 5-85 and covers a wide variety of subject matter. With minimal creativity and guidance from parents or teachers, children as young as 5 years old can begin using this system. As students learn and progress, they can take a more active role in the learning process and embark on the path of self-directed learning.

Dave Farrow - Memory Champion - College Speaker

The Farrow Method can be used by individuals for self-directed learning or 1-on-1 peer tutoring but can also be used by teachers in classroom instruction. A real force-multiplier, the system serves as a cross-curricular enhancement tool. Both modular and cumulative, the Farrow Method allows for a variety of uses in the trenches of the classroom. In a modular approach, any teacher can review the system and select specific lessons to teach and use right away. However, every lesson in the Farrow Method also builds upon previous lessons and when reviewed in a linear, lesson by lesson progression, illustrates a comprehensive, cumulative whole system. The more advanced, complex lessons give extra nuance and meaning to earlier lessons but also illustrates the near limitless potential for any student to achieve success. A creative and motivated teacher can easily choose at their own discretion how much of the Farrow Method to use in lesson planning.

The Farrow Method also offers a Teacher Certification Program through Cal State University at San Bernardino – after completing the Farrow Online Teacher Trainer Course, qualifying individuals can apply directly to Cal State for 2 Extended Learning Credits. The credit is numbered at the 1000 level or higher and is continuing education/professional development credit designed for practicing teachers to improve their classroom skills and/or move on salary scales. It may also be accepted in health care, business or other environments as evidence of successful completion of the “Farrow Memory System” course. California State University, San Bernardino is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and its credits are therefore typically accepted by other agencies. However you should inquire with the appropriate agencies in your area to ensure this particular credit is acceptable for your purposes.

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