January 18, 2018

Dumping the Sophomore Slump

Tawan Perry - Sophomore Advice

Congratulations! You have made it to your second year. We’re all excited for you but before we throw you a parade, here are a few tips that will help you get one step closer to your ultimate goal: Graduation.

Tip #1: The “game” is faster.

Don’t expect the same level of support form the previous year. At most institutions, after one year, your campus fully expects you to have the hang of being a college student. I know this doesn’t seem fair but this is the reality of the situation. The best way to get yourself back on track is to be proactive and reconnect yourself to your campus resources. If you are not familiar with your campus resources, the best place to begin is your school’s website or catalogue.

The next question you want to ask yourself is, “How can I utilize these resources in order to help me reach my goals?” For instance, if one of your goals for this year is to obtain an internship, the campus resource that will be able to better assist you in this endeavor will be Career Services. Having trouble with your chemistry? Another resource to get plugged into is the tutorial service office or academic support office (each school has different names).

Your number one job as a sophomore is to reconnect and find out how to stay connected by utilizing the various resources on your campus.

Tip #2: Experiment.

As a sophomore you have probably completed many of your general education courses and this may be just the time for you to begin experimenting with what your major will ultimately be. I cannot stress this enough. If you have electives use this as an opportunity to explore different classes. I remember during my sophomore year, I experimented with speech classes, computer science, and a business course. While I ultimately declared a different major, I was able to make a more informed decision about what I was passionate about and what I wasn’t passionate about. The lesson here: Use your electives as a way to engage your interest.

Tip #3 Love it or hate it, college is way too short.

I know you just got back to school, but here’s the great thing about being a sophomore: if you are discontent with your institution, you have not yet invested enough time, energy, and credits to feel obligated to stay at your school. If you have honestly given your institution a fair shot: you went to class, you really tried to get involved on campus, and you still feel like the institution is not for you, it’s perfectly okay to transfer.

I never liked seeing any student leave campus but what’s important is understanding that it’s all about your future. You have to position yourself in an environment that gives you the best chance at graduating. College is a unique experience that you will never be able to relive in the same way, even if you do decide to attend school until you’re 82. Therefore, it’s critical that you get the most out of your experience where ever you are. Life is too short not to enjoy it. College…well let’s just say it goes by quicker than you reading this blog post.

Whether you are a sophomore, junior, or senior you have to get connected, stay connected, and graduate.


About the Author: Tawan Perry (24 Posts)

Tawan Perry is the creator of the comprehensive Connect-5 College Completion Program. As a college speaker and as both a former student leader and college administrator, Tawan uses the Connect-5 College Completion program to help guide students step by step from college prep to cap and gown.

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