January 20, 2018

Freshman Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

When you begin your college life, nobody hands you a manual so that you can safely tread through it.  It is supposed to be comprised of trials and errors.  Freshman year is when most of the mistakes are made; later on majority of the students eventually wise up and learn from their mistakes.  I am going to share with you some of the common mistakes made by freshmen.

Applying old study habits: The amount of time and effort required to get decent grades in college eludes most freshmen.  When starting the freshman year, many students are still in the high school frame of mind, which leads to rude awakening.  You need to spend at least as much time after the class on each subject as you spend in the class.

Biting more than you can chew: Many freshmen over-commit in the excitement of starting a brand new life.  One of the mistakes made by many is to sign up for a full load in the first semester and then struggle with it.  Since a lot of adjustment needs to be done during the first semester, you should give yourself a little time to really dive into it.

A full time job: When you are a freshman, there is never enough money for all the things you want.  Many students look for ways to earn extra money by working full time during college.  Having a full time job makes it very difficult to juggle everything that’s on the plate.

Party all the time: Somehow college has become associated with endless partying.  Even before they get to college, many freshmen are occupied by the lure of parties.  But beware that out of control partying can very quickly ruin your life as a student.

Skipping classes:  This is perhaps the most common mistake made by the rookies.  It starts with skipping an occasional class or two and soon you feel like everything out of the classroom deserves your time more.  It doesn’t seem like a big deal but those skipped classes add up and by the time you realize the damage it becomes too late to salvage your courses.

Waiting till the eleventh hour: There is so much to do that students often feel like putting at least a few things off for later.  Who wants to dive into assignments right after a marathon class?  It is very common among students to leave the studying till a few days or even the night before a test.   However, this is never a good idea because a lot can go wrong when you are doing something in the last minute and you may not be able to finish the preparation.

Studying vs. going out: As a freshman you want to make friends so that you don’t feel lonely and to make friends you need to go out but if you spend much time making friends, you can’ t stay on top of studies.  This is a tough one because on one side there is fun and on the other side it’s your future at stake.  However, you should try to achieve a balance by planning the outings when the study load is less.

Not being able to keep a balance between your new life and the old one: Most freshmen find it difficult to keep the same type of relationship with the family and friends back home.  The workload of school, new friendships and the hustle bustle of the college life often makes you lose the balance between the old and the new.  However, this is something that can be fixed; the communication technology makes it very easy to talk to anyone across the globe.  You should schedule some time once or twice a week to catch up with family and your friends back home.

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