January 22, 2018

Having the Courage to be You

Felicia Harlow at UNO

In Latin the term “cor” means heart. In French the term “cour” means to be in the process. And in English the word courage means “the state or quality of mind or spirit that enables one to face danger or hardship resolutely.” Therefore, when one is said to have courage, she/he is in the process of connecting with her heart (or core self) as challenges arise so that she is able to understand them and take correct action.

When we think about someone with courage, oftentimes we think about a person who is bold, assertive, brave, gutsy, spunky, confident and strong. And many times, it centers on a specific task that they handled “well.” Think about three people you interact with on campus that you would describe as courageous based on this description.

Courage is powerful in and of itself because it starts in the heart.

A few questions I would like you to consider are: Can a person who is soft, caring, connected, compassionate,and cool possess courage? Why or why not? If so, is there a difference between their way and the way the bold and assertive person possesses courage? I’d love to receive your feedback! You can post your responses below in the comments section.

Here are a couple of ways to build sustainable courage

  1. Focus on your heart – Do you ever take time to locate your heartbeat and actually feel it? If not, your first assignment is to find your heartbeat in your chest and give it some undivided attention. This one act creates a bridge between your conscious mind and your unconscious mind. The fact is, we don’t have to pay attention to the parts of ourselves that work automatically because they are automatic! As you take the time to focus on your heart, you strengthen it and anything that builds in strength will increase your sense of self confidence and ultimately courage. How this translates is that you have the ability to do better on exams, have a greater capacity to handle more, and you still feel good about yourself.
  2. Be you! – It is my belief that each of us is a unique expression of goodness. (It is some of the choices we make that can make us feel “bad.”) We are naturally designed to be in relationships so that we can learn about ourselves, learn from each other and continue to grow. When you are being you, the doors open for others to receive the gift that you bring to life – your uniqueness. And when you aren’t being true to who you are, you end up in a vicious cycle of being someone you think others want you to be. As a result, things never feel quite right because you are not living the true you. So, the bottom line is… be yourself, not what others want you to be.

Remember to take care of yourself in a way that builds courage and supports you to live a Growth in Motion™ lifestyle! You will begin to see improvements in your ability to handle any challenge that comes your way!

Take Care of Yourself,
“Living a Growth in Motion™!! Lifestyle”

About the Author: Felicia Harlow (43 Posts)

Felicia Harlow, the Heart Ecologist, Life Coach, & College Speaker, teaches women and students how to empower themselves through self care, heart awareness, and self direction. She encourages students to embrace her 4 step Growth in Motion Process™, starting with the Growth in Motion Oath™ and applying it by living a Growth in Motion lifestyle! Felicia is available to speak at campus events year round to help BRING BALANCE TO YOUR STUDENTS LIVES.

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