January 20, 2018

Homework: Lessons Learned from a Student

Dayna Steele - Homework: Lessons from a Student

A class, a meeting with a mentor or a job interview? Are you prepared?

If you are like me, this past year’s Spring Break was great but it came and went along with a few dollars out of my wallet. The highlight? A trip to the offices of Roblox, a favorite online game for my teenage son. He had actually made the pilgrimage to the Roblox offices a year ago and was looking forward to talking again to fellow gamers at this fast-growing Silicon Valley start-up.

We were ushered into a sparsely furnished conference room (again, keyword here ‘start-up”) to spend a few minutes with their Community Manager (the person who gets stuck with the job of entertaining teenagers and their moms who actually locate the offices online) and were shortly after that joined by a lead programmer for the game. Both were familiar faces having been the employees who spent time with my teenager the first time around.

We were all a little surprised when, after a few pleasantries, said teenager whipped out his cell phone and proceeded to open up a list of questions, suggestions and comments about the game. The Roblox employees both started taking notes and shortly thereafter, were joined by the CEO of the company. (Would be the equilvaent of Mick Jagger for me….) Even he commented on how prepared my son was, saying “we (Roblox) interview graduates from some of the top universities for programmer positions and I am always surprised when one of them hasn’t bothered to play the game or learn anything about the game or the company prior to the interview.” He then told my teenage son, “ you are light years ahead of these guys.”

On the way home, I asked why he had known to be so prepared for this meeting. He replied, “I wanted to make sure I got my questions answered and be professional. I also wanted to avoid the awkward silences like the last time and get the most out of the time I had with anyone at Roblox.”

As his Mom, I am extremely proud of his maturity and planning. As a businesswoman, I’d hire that kid!

Rock on Dack!


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