January 22, 2018

How to Get Fit… In Your Dorm

Before coming to college, you probably were warned about the “Freshman 15” myth. Yes, most of us gain about 15 lbs. or more during our first year of college. Over the span of the four years (or more) it takes to pursue our degree, if we’re not careful, the “Freshman 15” can easily turn into the “College 40”.

We’re millennials. Our entire lives we’ve been immersed into the growing development of technology. Most of us spend more time taking selfies and tweeting than we do being active. To be completely honest, after a long day of classes, studying, social activities, and possibly going to work, most college students don’t have the energy to go the gym.

If you’re tired 99.9% of the time and don’t have the time or energy to go to the gym, here are some ways you can exercise in your dorm.

Pushups: If you’re a beginner, you can do the pushups on your knees. If you’re a pro, you can try placing books on your back to use as weights. Pushups can be very difficult if you don’t have much upper body strength. Lifting small weights every day can help you obtain this.

Sit-ups: If you’re a beginner, you can start off with crunches and work your way up to the full sit-ups. This exercise strengthens your core. If you have a roommate, the two of you can do this exercise together and take turns holding each other’s feet for balance.

Squats: If you want a firm gluteus, squats will be your best friend. Make sure that you aren’t bending your back when you’re doing them, your back should always be straight because you don’t want to cause any injuries.

Lunges: If you’ve ever been envious of Serena Williams’ thighs, this is the cure to your envy. Lunges are also a great exercise for a firm gluteus.

Planks: This exercise is very efficient when done correctly, it strengthens your neck, biceps, shoulders, chest, lower back, gluteus, thighs, calves, and abs.

Leg Lifts: Doing this repeatedly will definitely leave you sore if you’re a beginner, but with consistency, this exercise will target your abdominals, obliques, and hip flexors.

Of course, these are just a few of the many exercises that you can do in your dorm as a college student. Before doing any of these exercise, however, I would recommend a good stretch to prepare your body for the hard work. Stretching can be a relaxing and calming activity when done with soft music.

Although these exercises will help strengthen your body, eating healthy is also a large contributor in the process of being fit. You can also watch fitness and healthy-eating YouTube channels that assist you in the process while you’re working out in your room and preparing for your meals for the day. Fitness channels can teach you the proper way to do each exercise, while giving you the feeling that you’re not doing it alone, while healthy eating channels will motivate you to resist the pizzas in the university cafeteria and learn how to eat the things you like in moderation.

After a long day of class, when you don’t have the energy to go to the gym, you can always work out in your dorm with or without your roommate in order to stay in shape and to eliminate that “Freshman 15.” Remember to keep a positive attitude about your progress; Rome wasn’t built in a day!


Brittney Nelson is a senior at Georgia State University studying Journalism with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in Sociology. She has dreams of becoming a publicist for entertainment figures, media companies, and prominent organizations post-graduation in Spring 2016.


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