January 22, 2018

How To Kick Start Your Career – Tips For Clueless Students

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The human mind is very fickle. Definitely what we decide today may have some control over how our life may turn out in the years to come. But these decisions may not necessarily define who we may turn out to be as a person in the future. The same thing happens with most college students these days. Though they are very confident about their choice of course and subject at the beginning of the college but as time passes by they change as a person. They no longer identify with their decisions made earlier and develop or evolve into completely different people from what they earlier used to be like.

Building a career is not easy. But figuring out which field you want to make a career in is an enormously tough a task to accomplish. Cluelessness about future career plans is a very common phenomenon seen amongst college graduates these days. There are many students who have it all figured out for themselves while picking a subject for their graduation but as the session end nears, they start to lose focus or have second thoughts about their decisions in the first place.

While embarking on a journey to figure out your true calling in life is important but doing that alone does not helps in paying bills, feeding yourself or repaying that student loan you took for completing graduation. You need a permanent and a stable job in order to survive regardless of the fact that you are clueless. Now don’t get me wrong here, I am not talking only money here. Getting a job ill not only help you survive and feed yourself but in the process also bring you closer to your purpose in life. But how will you get there? To help you get started with your career, here are a few tips that will help you turn cluelessness into one of your biggest strengths. Remember, it is all about perspective.

Accept it:

There is nothing to be ashamed about being clueless and you are not the only one. You are doing more harm by not accepting the fact. Ultimately you come in your own path towards growth by being someone that you are not. You have barely experienced life and you have your entire twenties to figure out your place in it. Don’t look down upon yourself just because you think you are the only one who is clueless. Most of your friends who claim to have it all figured out for themselves are in denial. In reality, they haven’t come to terms with their own cluelessness yet.

Consider joining a start-up:

Start-ups are the best places where you can figure out a lot about your own self. Since the company is still fresh and young, it gives you the opportunity to see how it develops into a business over years. Also, there are lesser chances of getting all caught up in office politics and understanding work processes since nothing is well-defined in a start-up. So rather than bothering about work hierarchy and process, you can focus all your energies into learning and developing new skills.

Look for a mentor:

When you don’t have a clear understanding of what career you want to make for yourself, it is better to look for a mentor rather than a job or money. A good mentor can guide in the correct direction as there is a lot you can learn from somebody else’s experience and knowledge. Doing so only helps you in creating valuable experiences for yourself. Once you have a clear purpose figured out for you, you can then focus on designing a definitive career path for yourself and think about making more money.

Take up any work:

If you don’t know what you want to do in life consider doing anything. It is better to be a jack of all trades rather than being a master of none. Make the most of your cluelessness by doing any kind of work that might be delegated to you. Consider no work to be small, less important or beneath you. You will only learn new things and it is better to have some work experience then not having any at all.

Associate with the right people:

Networking will take you to great places in life. Thankfully you don’t need to solely rely on face-to-face meetings and firm handshakes anymore. Social Media sites such as LinkedIn have opened more new ways to build a network by associating with the right people. But just make sure they see you worthy of being a part of their network and the only way they will see it is through your hard work alone.

Find your passion:

If you are clueless work on finding your passion rather than following what you think is your passion. Don’t define a role for yourself early in your career. Spend time on collecting as many different experiences as you can first. Once you have the basic understanding it becomes easy to take a decision as you are more aware as to what is it that you enjoy doing the most and what you are good at.

Even if you start out as a clueless graduate, putting in hard work can help you build a great future for yourself. Just don’t stop believing in yourself and hang in there.

Megha Raizada is a professional writer working with the premium job portal Naukrigulf.com. She has a keen interest in the global job market, but also loves to keep a track of everything interesting happening around the globe. When not writing or browsing the Internet, you will find her creating furniture out of used tires. You can reach her at Twitter and Google+.

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