January 22, 2018

How To Use Your Smartphone Like A Smart Student

How To Use Your Smartphone Like A Smart Student - photo copyright Rick Sherrell

Smart devices are becoming a basic necessity among university students. According to a 2012 OnlineColleges’ data, 45% of college students use a smartphone to complete their homework and term papers. However, merely connecting to the Internet doesn’t make anyone a smart device user. For incoming freshman or returning students this fall, here are five effective solutions for using your cellular device smartly:

1. Maximize The Digital Schedule

One of the most useful built-in features of a mobile device is the scheduler, calendar or reminder application. With a digital scheduler, you can add as many appointments or class timetables as you wish. Moving a task or re-scheduling an appointment can be done in just a few taps. Some smartphones even allow setting up a reminder by using a voice command.  You can use the intelligent assistant to add a task, integrate it with the calendar app and even add a ringtone or custom vibration to alert you of your upcoming exams or presentations.

2. Use It As An eReader

An eBook isn’t only specific to tablets since mobile devices can also be loaded with e-reading applications. Using your smartphone, you can purchase or import books in portable digital formats. This feature allows you to scan the pages of your required readings as you walk around the campus during free periods. It’s like reading with a laptop sans the bulkiness. We suggest that you convert your files into the ePub format because its text is adjustable when viewed on mobile platforms. To do this, you can use free web tools such as Zamzar.

  • Upon launching the site, you’ll see an area for file conversion.
  • Under step 1, click “Choose File” to upload your documents or PDF.
  • Under step 2, select (.epub) format.
  • Key in your email address in step 3 and click “Convert” on step 4.
  • You’ll receive the converted file after a few seconds.

3. Tether Your Mobile Internet

If you have a data plan, you can browse the internet instantly via cellular network (3G or 4G LTE). But, if you want to maximize its features, you might want to consider mobile tethering or converting your device into a wireless hotspot. Some phones allow 5 devices to connect while others can cater to a maximum of 8. This may come in handy in cases where your campus Wi-Fi is significantly sluggish or you are researching with your peers and some of them don’t have an Internet connection.

4. Engage in VoIP Conferences

With the advent of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services like Skype and Google Hangouts, video conferences are now possible between two or more participants using a cellular network. In this tech-driven campus world, students can maximize these services to remotely interact with one another and pursue group/team projects even when they’re afar. Apart from chatting, they can even exchange links to learning resources and swap files to work on later.

5. Use Digital Note-taking Applications

With the introduction of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies, various universities are now allowing the use of smartphones in the classroom. Apart from the quick access to online resources, mobile devices can also be utilized as a digital note taking solution in lieu of the traditional paper and pen technique. In our previous CampusTalkBlog article, we’ve recommended the Evernote application that can be used for scribbling notes, adding screen shots, photos, and web pages. There are note-taking applications that also allow instant sharing of files, photos, videos and links for a faster collaboration with your teammates.

With these simple tips, hopefully, you can get the best out of your smartphones and turn yourself into an A+ student. In addition, you still need to study smarter in order to succeed. Do you have other ways on how a college student should use the device smartly? Share us your tips below.

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