January 18, 2018

How Wise Are We With Money? (infographic)

The editors at Online Accounting Degrees decided to research the topic of: Dollars and Sense: How Wise Are We With Money? What stood out to us the most as it affects college students were a few things. 1) Only 3 states requires high school courses devoted to personal finance. Can you guess which ones?, 2) 81 percent of teens don’t have a checking account and 65% don’t even know how to balance a checkbook. And 3) 57 percent of parents with kids in high school or college give schools below average ratings in teaching responsible spending.

It seems to us that as a result… 1) Only 38 percent of college grads prepare a written or digital household budget  and 2) only 3 in 10 Americans have a long-term savings plan. In addition to all of that, 52 percent of teens say they want to know how to manage their money. The question is what’s your school doing to fill the gap?

Dollars and Sense: How Wise Are We With Money?
*Image compliments of Online Accounting Degrees

Want to know more about managing your money responsibly? Let us know below what your school is doing about it… or should be doing about it.

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