January 18, 2018

Join a Club Sport

Tripp Stanford - ultimate frisbee team

When you enter college the one thing people tell you is to, “join as many clubs as possible and meet as many people as possible.” People often overlook club sports as something to get involved in or as a viable community to base your college career around.  I beg to differ.  The following is my experience with the Ultimate Frisbee Club at my school.

I’m an extremely competitive person and find the need to compete in trivial, every-day tasks.  Understanding that aspect of my character, I realized I wasn’t quenching my thirst of competition by being apart of the school’s business clubs or freshmen senate.  I needed to join an organization where I could physically/ mentally compete against other people.  With an interest in ultimate frisbee that spawned from backyard games during high school, I went out to their practices.  There I found a group of kids who shared the same thirst for competition as me, but also most of the same interests and values.  I mistakenly found a group of people I could connect, grow, and share my college experiences with.

By joining the team, I inadvertently joined a motley army of 15 who set out to battle every other frisbee club in the south east.  Three or four weekends out of the semester, the whole team crams into a caravan of cars and drives for 3-5 hours to an ultimate tournament.  We then compete against 4-5 teams during the day, each one hardening the bond everyone on the team shares.  Saturday night, the 15 of us will normally pile into one or two hotel rooms after gorging on Mexican food. We will then proceed to wake up at 7:00 a.m. Sunday morning and repeat the whole process.  Try spending that much time together with a group and not create awesome relationships.

The differing factor with club sports and every other club on campus is the aspect of competition.  You and your team defending more than the pride of your school at these tournaments, you represent your congruent skills and practice time spent together.  This unified vision, mission, and competition brings you and those 14 other guys closer together than any other popular organization on campus.  So as you peruse the different organizations your freshmen year, consider joining the rugby, baseball, frisbee, or the soccer club.  You’ll create the closest friendships of your college career.

Tripp Stanford is currently a senior at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. He is studying Marketing and Entrepreneurship with a focus on growth hacking for startups. Tripp also works for a startup company called Campus Bellhops. It’s an innovative labor solution for small to medium moving jobs. Campus Bellhops strictly hires college guys and provide them with an avenue to prove themselves to be more hirable after college. To read more of Tripp’s business insights, go to www.campusbellhops.com/blog. If you are interested in Campus Bellhops, go to their site at www.campusbellhops.com.

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