January 18, 2018

Purple Glove Dance to the tune of community service

Have you seen the Purple Glove Dance? If you’re a college student, or affiliated with an institution, then you probably have. At Georgia College & State University, where my daughter Amber attends, one student initiated the Purple Glove Dance, which was started to raise awareness and funds for support of The American Cancer Society Relay For Life. The Relay is an event that gives communities around the world a chance to celebrate the lives of those who’ve battled cancer, remember those who were lost to cancer and gives them a way to fight against the disease.

The student who initiated the dance at GCSU later discovered that there is a contest that allows the cancer fundraising teams to film their own videos that may appear as a Weekly Featured Video on the Purple Glove dance site. (See GCSU video below) Rumor has it that the GCSU video has been featured there… It may still be up there!

Each video, which is backed by a Relay For Life team, has the chance to win at least $5,000 for the American Cancer Society by being the one with the most YouTube video views by midnight on July 31st. As of the writing of this post, the GCSU YouTube video has been viewed 19, 395 times.

This type of participation by college students is just one of the many ways to get involved in community events, and it is great experience and resume-building material. If you don’t believe me just check out Dave Kelly’s “Building Leaders Through Community Service” post series. Kelly gives the ins and outs of why you should participate in community service and how to become involved.

At GCSU students can become involved with the GIVE Center, which I’m proud to say Amber has joined. The center gives students as well as faculty and staff the opportunity to make a difference by linking them with the community. In addition to health-related causes there are opportunities in the areas of children and youth, disabilities, elderly, education and literacy, female issues and quite a few more.

Don’t forget to check out GCSU’s YouTube video or the one from your school. If one hasn’t been done yet then this would be a superb opportunity to take the lead and get one started. Come on, let’s dance.

Note: The idea for the Purple Glove Dance was started by the Providence St. Vincent Medical staff in Portland, Oregon. They filmed themselves dancing around the hospital in pink gloves to support breast cancer awareness and the concept breached other causes.

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  1. Good to see folks getting involved in such great causes. It looks like they had fun in the video! It’s an on going joke ( a bad one ) that if we live long enough we will all have cancer in our field ( chemical) And while we say it lightlt to each other I’m sure it is a real concern for all of us! Great to hear such a positive story!!!

  2. That is an amazing video. Thank you for sharing. It brings a tear to my eye to know that every one of those signs held up represented a person who is or was fighting cancer. Everyone is effected by cancer in some way. I’m definitely going to spread this video around.

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