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  1. Julie B
    May 7, 2013 @ 12:37 pm

    I Actually need help in making some decisions. I have missed a lot of my Biology class due to a knee injury. The day the injury happened i notified my professor and let her know from the get go of what i was facing..MISSING CLASSES!!! We met on three occassions only for her to tell me each time we met that i was barely passing , After the second meeting with her telling me i was barely passing which was the middle of the semester . I asked her if it would be a better idea if i withdraw from class, “OH no she said you will be fine .” So i continued to miss classes due to my injury but keep up on the lecture and miss mostly the Labs . She again waits until after the the third exam to haul me into her office and tell me i was close to failing . I again asked ,”What do you suggest i do?” She said oh you will be fine don’t give up . keep studying… So i missed a full week after that due to my knee injury,, I finally spoke with my adviser, he said ask for an Incomplete, So i did , She refused because i missed to many days. I feel like i have been blocked and made to accept what she decides , After i tried to work with her and work tings out , i was willing to do anything even take the class over , She said no thats not necessary??????????I am confused i need insight . All my other classes prior have been Bplus….


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