January 17, 2018

Social media job hunting… for college students, too

Dayna Steele preparing for an appearance on 'Good Day Houston'

From a recent segment I did for Great Day Houston on using social media to find a job.

To start:

  • Looking for a job is a full-time job, treat it as such. Plan to spend time on your efforts and be consistent with those efforts.
  • Know what you want going in, a general idea is ok but some idea – what industry, what position, what location, what salary.
  • Do your homework, Google that industry, position, location, salary as well as the person doing the interview and the competition.
  • Google yourself and make sure nothing negative comes up. If so, spend some time cleaning up that link/post.
  • Clean up your pages – posts, pictures, videos, anything inappropriate friends have tagged you in. Don’t rush, spend some time doing this. This could be the number one reason you don’t get that job.

Then and only then:

  • LinkedIn: Your online resume and headhunter resource, many using this platform to fill positions
  • LinkedIn: Professional picture
  • LinkedIn: This is your resume. Make it look sharp and professional
  • Twitter: More like an industry happy hour with co-workers and acquaintances, mingle, listen, meet, contribute
  • Twitter: Position yourself as a leader/expert in your field.
  • Twitter: Share interesting articles/blogs/information in your field.
  • Twitter: Follow people in the industry/company you want to work for, ‘re-tweet’ them occasionally, develop a relationship
  • Facebook: More like a friend or neighbor’s party or even a party at your house. You can be more personable and these should be the people you can ask for advice and help
  • Facebook: Ask for what you need, what you are looking for.
  • Facebook: Let friends/family know you are looking, be clear on what you are looking for, ask for introductions/contacts
  • Facebook: Be very appreciative of any efforts on your behalf


  • Misspell words and use bad grammar.
  • Type in all caps.
  • Use abbreviations like WTF and LOL
  • Be negative.
  • Be smarmy.
  • Be mean or rude.
  • Use foul language.
  • Complain.
  • Say it isn’t fair you don’t have a job.

Have questions?

Happy to help. Email me at dayna@daynasteele.com


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Dayna Steele is the creator of YourDailySuccessTip.com and the author of the 101 Ways to Rock Your World book series. She went to college when she was 16 and had a really good time. In speaking to college students, Dayna shares the everyday principles of success she learned from years of mingling with successful Rock Stars as one of the nation's top Rock Radio DJ's. She helps her audiences Rock to the Top in college, in their careers, as entrepreneurs and in life. Dayna speaks about SUCCESS to college students, business people and entrepreneurs across the globe and is available to speak at your next campus event.

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