January 20, 2018

Sound the Alarm: Keep My College Student Safe

There isn’t too much that surprises me nowadays so when I hear about the unfortunate violence and senseless murders on college campuses; I’m not shocked, but I am dismayed. Last year when it was time for my daughter to begin touring campuses in anticipation of her freshman year, one of the things we both looked for was the security measures implemented by the campuses.

The majority of campuses we visited have call boxes on their grounds and roaming security personnel. At Georgia College & State University, where Amber is now in the midst of her second year, has those two things in place as well as an emergency button within each of the four bedrooms of her suite and one in the common area. In addition to those measures, the institution also has a text system that’s used when there’s a threat on campus or in the area and all the students need to be notified to remain inside.

If you’re new to the college scene then that’s one of the things you’ll want to pay attention to. Also, ask questions about their security force if they don’t automatically tell you about it. At one campus we toured, I was not impressed with their security measures and at another I thought their security force seemed somewhat militant. At GCSU, not only do they have the on-campus security, but the local police are only a hop, skip and jump away and work in cahoots with the campus to maintain security and order.

About a month or so ago I got a call from my daughter telling me she had just received a text about an individual on campus that was wielding a knife. A few hours later an “all clear” text was sent. It’s knowing and seeing that these methods work that gives me some peace of mind as she ventures further into the big bad world.

As our children grow up and leave home we will no longer be an arm’s length away to protect them so we have to make sure that systems are in place (and we’ve taught them well) to keep them safe. I’m comfortable in knowing that my daughter has the knowledge and support she needs. The cute, pink pepper spray gadget that she carries on her key chain doesn’t hurt either.

First-time college mom

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  1. Your post touches on the frightening reality that college campuses have their own unique risks and dangers, and that students need to be aware of them in order to avoid becoming a victim. Unfortunately, most new college parents don’t have a full (or any!) awareness of many, if not most, of the situations, risks or dangers that await their child, and thus, are unable to adequately counsel and prepare them for this aspect of college life.

    My website, http://www.CollegeSafetyAssociation.com was created specifically with the parents of college students in mind. I think it can be of great benefit to first-time college parents and their children.

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