January 20, 2018

Spreading the Word About Your College Club

Whether you’ve started a new college club or are trying to secure members for a well-established club, advertising is key. It can be tough to get the word out on a campus inundated with advertisements on every light pole, tree trunk and bulletin board that you see. Here are five creative ways to get the word out about your college club:

Spreading the Word About Your College Club - photo copyright Rick Sherrell


Billions of people use the social networking site. Establish a page for your club and start linking to it on your personal page; ask club members to do the same. If you set up a Facebook page, you must handle it correctly. There are tips for running a successful page.

Sign in to your page at least twice each day. This will ensure that people who check your page in the morning and people who sign in before bed will see fresh content, assuming that you update your page each time you sign in. Keep your content light and entertaining, while still staying with the theme of your club. Look for photos, jokes and videos to intersperse with meeting and event information.

2.Campus Radio

Contact the advertising department at your campus radio station and find out how you would go about advertising on air. If advertising is too expensive, contact the radio station any time you have an event and ask that a representative attends. Also be sure to ask the person you speak to if there are any other advertising suggestions they have. Remember that they’re the professional.


Posters are tried and true methods of advertising. The good news is that they are also cheap. Have a hundred posters printed or print them off of your dorm room computer. Try to keep your posters simple but eye-catching. Posters that are filled with too many words or graphics will be ignored; posters that are boring and dull will be passed by. There is a fine line between mundane and overly-stimulating.

If you decide to use posters, hang them strategically. Ask your RA if you can hang one on his door. Look for bulletin boards in the cafeteria, places on the student green, or even at the student health clinic. You need to find somewhere that is both a high traffic area and not already overrun with advertisements; get creative.


Also fairly inexpensive, postcards are a bit more informal than business cards and lend themselves to catchier designs. Have custom stickers designed for the front of your cards. Include your club’s information on the back, including contact information and meeting times. Postcards are easy to hand out wherever you are. Make sure that each of your members has at least a dozen cards at all times.

Before you and your members start handing out post cards in the cafeteria or classroom buildings, take a look at your student handbook. Some college campuses disallow this type of activity. Find out when and where you can hand out your postcards without being called to the dean’s office.

5.Fairs, Sales and Fundraisers

If you visit any college campus, you’ll see at least one major event happening on a weekly basis. Whether your campus is having a bake sale, a car wash, a festival or a concert, find out how your club can get involved. If you set up a table at one of these events, keep people interested by offering some sort of entertainment. Have one of your members juggle, paint faces or do card tricks next to your table. Use your imagination; at least one member in your club has an unusual talent.

If your campus is one of the few that doesn’t hold regular events, hold one yourself. A fundraiser for a popular charity hosted by your club will receive ample attention. A walk for the local dog shelter will garner interest from townies and students alike. You don’t have to wait for your campus to come up with an event for you

College students typically join clubs for one of two reasons: They are deeply passionate about the club’s subject or membership to the club will look good on a resume. By advertising your club the right way, you can gain members from both crowds. For more advertising ideas, email collegehelper.

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