January 20, 2018

Spring Break – an opportunity for adventure, impact and even more learning

Most college students have already experienced their Spring Break, but I – as a first-time college mom – believe planning is one of the keys to enjoying a vacation and if you didn’t enjoy this one then you start planning the next one now. Let me tell you why this is on my mind.

Georgia College and State University students had their break this past week. About halfway through the week, after realizing my daughter wasn’t having a Spring Break to remember, I asked her, “Does your school arrange or sponsor any Spring Break events?”

She initially shook her head no then admitted, “Actually I don’t know.”

For parents reading this you know that I got that look on my face that says, ‘Ooooh okey dokey then.’ And I left it at that deciding to do a little research on my own. Here’s what I found out they had information on right on her campus:

  • Spring Break in Port St. Joe, Florida – The document describes the experience as spending “an amazing spring break on the sunny Gulf Coast with Venture Out in Port St. Joe, Florida. Get ready for 5 fun days of camping, sea kayaking, snorkeling, and just handing out on the beach.” Now that sounds like fun to me and the cost was just $175.
  • Alternative Spring Break – The American Democracy Project sponsored their annual What A Relief project where they send a delegation of students, faculty and staff to the U.S’s southeastern regions to rehabilitate homes damaged by tropical storms and hurricanes. This one sounds fun and meaningful.

I didn’t seek out anymore information because this answered my question. Yes, campuses – and GCSU in particular) are supporting their students outside of their everyday educational growth. So how did my college student miss this information? That led me to look at some ideas on how the advertisements and messages can get across the entire campus for events/activities of this nature.

  1. Email or text announcements to students to personally invite and inform them to special Spring Break learning adventures or community service opportunities.
  2. Ensure off-campus housing units and commuter students are receiving the same information as on-campus dorms.
  3. Bring someone like Dave Kelly, Troy Stende or Earl Paul to teach the students about stepping forward, discovering information and leading others to it.

Here’s my admission: The first two “ideas” my research discovered may be a far reach for some students. It’s just in my nature to offer something a little out there to get ya to thinkin’. The key here is to give students the skills to not be complacent and then sit back complaining about how their Spring break was boring.

So, what other things can students do to make their spring break more of an adventure and maybe enhance your education and help out the community at the same time? That’s a question for Dave (You’re going to answer in the comments, right Dave?)… How about the rest of you? Any good ideas?

All I know right now is that I’m not going to be a helicopter parent and tell my young adult college student everything to do. She’ll have to do some stepping up on her own to make things happen. That’s my reason and I’m sticking to it.

First-time college mom

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  1. Thanks Dave!

    A servant leadership ASB would be great… It’d also be a good idea if it could be in a central location of several colleges so that students from different areas could get together, share experiences, build relationships and learn from each other. I look forward to hearing more about that.

    By the way, anyone reading this now should start planning their spring break today. It’ll be here before you know it.

  2. Petula-

    Right on about having a spring break to remember! Many students take advantage of their week off to serve others in an Alternative Spring Break (ASB). I think that is a great use of time, and usually very inexpensive. When I was in college, I didn’t have extra cash, so I always stayed home for spring break. ASB would have been a great use of my time.

    I am hoping to put together a servant leadership ASB in the near future, to focus on serving others while developing leadership skills and abilities in a fun way. That could be another alternative.

    Keep up the great blogging!

    Dave Kelly

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