January 18, 2018

Summer… Summer… Summer Time!

I remember what it was like for the Spring semester to be coming to a close and the desire to enjoy the summer tickling at my insides. It would be great to go to the beach, I thought, travel with friends or lounge around and read books to my little heart’s content. That was the fantasy.

The reality was that as soon as school was over – and even before – I would be working my little fingers to the bone. For today’s student that’s often the same reality. Although there’s nothing wrong with taking a little vacation, I think it’s a good idea that students make use of their time in one of several ways:

  • by participating in an internship that will benefit their future career and maybe pay some cash,
  • by getting a part- or full-time job to gain some experience – and again, maybe some cash,
  • or by enrolling in one or two classes to stay ahead in the educational game.

Fortunately for me, my oldest daughter Amber took it upon herself to enroll in two math classes at a college close to home. She discussed options with her advisor and took into consideration how her grades and schedule were going thus far and made the decision on her own. I’m definitely proud of her.

She’d also like to get a job and I’m all for that as well. Currently, Miss Amber is without a vehicle and getting a job and saving a portion of her checks would definitely support her in making her own wishes come true.

Why is all of this important? As a parent it is important to me that my daughter realize that she’s an adult and that the time for simply ‘going out to play’ is pretty much over – so to speak. On her track to be a pediatrician I’m encouraging her to continue to put her priorities in the right order and work hard, long and steady to accomplish her goals.

It’s the way life is, and it’s the path we – as parents, mentors and leaders – should provide and promote for our children.

First-time college mom

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