January 20, 2018

They say… College costs are rising at three times the rate of inflation

The cost of attending college is rising three times as fast as inflation. That's what they say at FinAid.org. In support of that claim InflationData.com reports that the overall inflation rate has increased 107.05% since. That's why we pay twice as much for everything. In that same time frame tuition increased 466.80%. Wouldn't that mean we pay four and a half times as much to get educated? Something about that doesn't seem very smart. The result? A college education is predicted to cost … [Read more...]

Digging deep for college money

Student loans can be quite cumbersome after you graduate. This is when most loans come into effect and you have to start paying on them and they start to earn interest. While you may not be too worried about the loan amount right now, it will be a shock to you when you first see your bill come in the mail. Applying to scholarships and college grants can get pretty tedious, so it’s important to keep the large amount of money you’ll have to pay back in loans fresh in your mind. It will motivate … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Graduate College Debt-Free

For many of those going to college or those that are currently enrolled the idea of getting a degree and finishing debt-free seems to be nearly impossible. For many, college currently has a price tag of above $40,000, which seems a nearly impossible figure to pay off without any ongoing debt. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York stated that 37 million Americans currently have student loan debt. Two-thirds of students borrow funds to receive their bachelor’s degree, placing the average student … [Read more...]