February 9, 2016

I Am a Seed of Greatness!

A seed represents the beginning or starting point of all living things. Inside of the seed is all that is needed to grow into something magnificent. There is nothing to add, subtract or change within the seed to produce its harvest. And the most amazing part is that, given the proper conditions for growth, one tiny seed will produce so much more than itself. To be great is to be massive, to be talented, and to be important. Each and every one of us is born from a seed that already contains … [Read more...]

Increase your ability to concentrate

To concentrate is to place your full attention on one object. This means that you are making a choice to notice or give consideration to only one thing. It requires one to be still and focus. The one thing may be a person, place, idea, class work assignment, etc. For most people, concentration is hard because the mind, like the body, likes to move and is uncomfortable with stillness. Typically, most of us choose to live in a way that is complex. For example, as a college student, I often … [Read more...]

Be responsible for your own thoughts and choices

Responsibility begins in the mind and is deepened via the heart. To be empowered is to have internal authority. And to have internal authority is to have the ability to observe our thoughts and feelings and make conscious choices that are correct for us. This means that our choices come from response rather than reaction. When we respond, we step back and observe our thoughts and feelings. Next, we remember our core values and then finally, we consciously choose the action to take. On the … [Read more...]

It’s time to go on an Appreciation Rampage!

Recently, I participated in a 21 week live tele-training course entitled the Mentorship and Manifestation Circle. It was an opportunity to expand my manifestation skill set and to unite with dynamic, powerful, empowered, and purposeful women. Our facilitator assigned “lifework” assignments which are similar to “homework” assignments; however, the focus was on one’s life instead of a book, term paper, or speech. The idea was to place attention on daily life experiences and learn from them via an … [Read more...]

Take care of yourself for healthier relationships

Healthy relationships start with a focus on self-care and well-being. That is the philosophy I shared with Voorhees College students during a visit to their campus. When I asked the question, “What is most important to you in your relationships?” I received answers like trust, communication, love and respect. The idea of practicing self-care as a foundation for healthy relationships appeared to be a new paradigm for them. I can understand, though, because several years ago, it became a new … [Read more...]

21 ways to relax, balance stress and be authentic during college

My passion is for your personal growth - from the inside out - and helping you live a life of infinite possibilities. As a college student, now is the time to begin aligning with your purpose, understanding your intentions, taking inspired action and living a life of harmony. By doing so now, you'll develop lifelong skills for processing your experiences, resolving inner conflict, and understanding your personal thoughts and beliefs - particularly about yourself! To begin on your journey to … [Read more...]

What is Radical Personal Accountability?

To be accountable means to be in charge, responsible, or mature about your life experiences. And in the context of ‘radical personal accountability,’ to be radical is to be an activist, innovative, and uncompromising about your total well-being. When you agree to live a Growth in Motion!! lifestyle, you are consciously agreeing to accept radical personal responsibility. It means you commit to looking inside yourself to understand the deeper meaning of your upsets and tendencies to blame … [Read more...]

What’s Your Definition of Success?

Does this question enter your thoughts often? If so, what comes to mind for you – happiness, a good paying job, the American dream, a healthy family? If not, how would you define success for your life? Recently, I visited the University of Nebraska – Omaha and presented Healthy Relationships 101. I shared with students that one of the most important relationships they will have in life is the one with themselves. I also shared that healthy relationships begin with self care. Self care leads … [Read more...]

Balance College Stress – Natural Energy Booster #2 – Listen to Your Body

You've heard it before... “You’re not listening to me!” or “You need to listen better!” Was it a professor who says you're not getting it? A parent schooling you about the money you’ve wasted? Your roommate who's fed up with you ignoring them? Or your boyfriend trying to get you to agree with his perspective? What if  the person you're not listening to is yourself. I’m not talking about being crazy, I’m referring to the art of listening to your “inner voice.” It's the voice that says “don’t … [Read more...]

Balance College Stress – Natural Energy Booster #3 – Back off the sugar!

You know you eat them. They're a staple in any college diet: cold cereals, ketchup, hot dogs, chocolate, pop, cakes, cookies, donuts and other foods loaded with sugar, high fructose corn syrup or aspartame.  If you've ever attempted to remove sugar from your diet for even a short period of time and gotten a headache... chances are you're a sugarholic. Some additional symptoms include  'the shakes,' depression, inability to focus or study, even overall crabbiness and arguments with your … [Read more...]